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Jack Van Toorn

10 Sunken Civilizations to add to your SCUBA Diving Bucket List

The discovery of underwater ruins remains a hot topic amongst armchair backpackers and sofa SCUBA divers, or at least those who put pen to paper. Although possible, exploring submerged structures is not always safe and the risks involved should never be taken lightly. That being said, in the right conditions with a competent instructor, meeting the new tenants of a man-made structure below the surface can be a fascinating experience. Not to mention the effects additional structures and materials can have on the marine ecosystem.

From Cursed Cities sent to the depths to submerged monuments swarming with sea life; welcome to our top ten sunken civilizations to add to that bottomless SCUBA Bucket List.

Hello everybody,

we're from Bali Dive Trek, a new Dive Center in Amed, Bali

Join us as we take you on a journey through the beautiful oceans of Bali.

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Bali Dive Trek

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Catherine Jones

This section is not really for advertising - you can set-up a dive center page on Bali if you like.. let me know if you need any support in doing so.

Rating 8/10

Manta rays spot @ labuan bajo

Komodo and Labuan Bajo24 Nov 2013 - 25 Nov 2013

Here you can find many of manta ray fishes in many size.. but no corals or colourful sea fishes here


Vandra Allison

Sounds good!


I am going to be in Singapore for a cruise the beginning of October - the reports I've read are not that complimentary about the dive sites - is it worth taking the time to dive there or wait for Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam?



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Morgan Bennett

0 votes

Personally I would wait and go to Thailand.. depends what you want to see though.


Thomas Dawson

0 votes

thanks, we will be in Leam Cahbang (Bangkok) and Ko Samui (Thailand) either of these worthwhile?


Thomas Dawson

0 votes

sorry Laem Chabang :}

Charles Davis

While the Thresher sharks are the headliners of the local diving, there is a great variety of other diving as well. There are currently over twenty dive sites in the area including ship wrecks and drift dive sites. Of the twenty sites over a dozen are within a few minutes of the island. There is diving available from training sites for those just learning to dive to those who are advanced divers. Gato island is a special two dive trip that most dive center make a few times a week. The area is a hour away and is known for its abundant corals and sponges as well as a great place to see sleeping white tip sharks and sea snakes.  Advanced divers looking for something different will find it here as well. A tunnel runs under the island that advance divers can transverse. Back on Malapascua, Just off shore from the island's lighthouse is the, well, the lighthouse reef. It is a shallow reef that is used as an open water training site by some dive centers. The beautiful coral gardens make for a wonderful relaxing dive. As wonderful the reef is for training, it is a very special sunset dive. The reef is the home of a vast number of Mandarinfish. Generally considered the most colorful of the reef fish they are also known for their exotic mating dances.  Starting around twilight the males start their dances hoping to attract a female to dance with them.

Rating 5/10

Note Similan Islands close May to September!!!!

Khao Lak10 May 2015 - 26 May 2015

We have just returned from a 2 week break in Khao Lak.

A lovely quiet location in a fabulous resort (La Flora).

Unfortunately, the diving I am unable to report upon, as we were unable to dive Similans just an hour or so from the resort :(

We looked on many websites (as we normally do) to find how good the diving is, what is on offer and so on. Then when satisfied we booked our flights and hotel.

Then we sent emails requesting pricing and options to discount if we paid in advance etc ...

At this point it was clear, that off peak in Khao Lak means off completely!!

The Similan Islands are a national parks that shut from the 15th May until September due to the weather conditions and to let the life rejuvinate.

There is no notification on any of the websites we visited and as to this fact!! We therefore went to Phuket for a few days to make the most of our time - this was good.

The location Khao Lak is great and it is a very chilled atmosphere. I wanted to warn that if you want to go there to dive do it after September and before mid April (Thai New Year) for optimal results.


Rich Ward

Hey - thanks for posting this! Really useful report.. especially I was looking at that time of year :D


Joanne Roberts

Let us know when you do go and if I should rebook :) thanks

Jack Van Toorn

Is it Safe to Dive during my Period?

Is it safe to dive whilst I am on my period? A commonly asked questions and the answer is yes… pretty much.

Many divers feel a concern over menstruating underwater. Be it shark attack, weakness, visual or hygienic issues this is a question asked over and over again in the dive community. Here to put your mind at rest I can tell you that you will be physically safe, however you may need to take a couple of safeguards into consideration.

Is there a chance of shark attack if I dive on My Period?

Thankfully, sharks are not going to smell your blood and come pursuing you because you’re menstruating. The warning that a shark can smell blood from three miles, or five kilometers, away is taken as fact, but this does not mean the smell makes the shark any more interested in you as it would be a floating log.

Charles Davis

While diving is a year round sport in many locations, the number of divers and dives greatly increases in the summer months. As we head towards that time of the year, there are a number of items we should do to get the most out of our dive season.

1. Annual Services

Certain items of your kit, such as your regulators, needs to be services annually by certified technicians. Some manufacturers of regulators will provide lifetime service parts, however, to stay under the terms of the warranty you must have the piece of equipment services annually. Missing a service can mean no more free service parts. While not an annual requirement when you have your regulator serviced, ask to have your Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) checked. Most dive centers have a calibrated pressure gauge. They can compare what your gauge reads to their calibrated gauge at different pressures. Few SPG can be adjusted, however, a gauge giving different reading might not need to be replaced. As an example, if your gauge reads 10 bar higher than the calibrated reading at different pressures, you just need to remember that and adjust your dive plan accordingly. A dive plan that calls for an accent at 70 bar, would be 80 bar on your SPG. However, if the test show a variation that differs at different pressures (ie shows 290 at 300 bar ten low, but 60 at 50 bar ten high) the gauge must be replaced.

Rating 8/10

Malta alone

Malta21 Apr 2015 - 29 Apr 2015

After diving the Red Sea in January I was hooked. My next destination Malta,the trip was a learning experience for me as it was my first solo trip and had no idea what to expect.

Unfortunately Malta resembles a building site at the moment with all of the roadworks and developments underway but that wasn't why I was there.

After settling in on my first day, day 2 the diving began. I met up with some friends who were already there and doing their last day of diving and headed to St.Elmos Fort/harbour for the first two dives.

It was good to get back in the water, but typically me, I forgot my rock boots and had to dive in my brand new trainers. It was that or no dive. I can't remember the name of the wreck now, but we dived it twice and it was a great experience ideal for the first day after a couple of months break.

The water was still a little cold, so I bought s hood and gloves for the remainder of the week.

The remainder of the week much of my diving was at Cirkewwa with a guide from Scubatech, diving the P29, the Rozzi and the various reef dives. Nice to spot the Madonna.

Dive day 3 we headed for Gozo and the Blue Hole. Two dives again and both were majestic, the Blue Hole was a beautiful dive and the cliffs, drop offs are amazing. The inland sea was another fabulous dive and a very basic introduction to narrow gulley diving. My confidence was building.

Dive day 4 was back to Cirkewwa due to weather, but it was different again, beautiful swim throughs and a revisit of the P29.

All in all my trip to Malta was a great experience, I would have preferred going a little later in the year with warmer water, but I gather it gets swarmed with divers in the summer and what I love most about diving is the solitude.

Where next? I have yet to decide.


Mike Bednarz

I went diving in Malta several years ago - shame it is going through so much development! That said - you can't go wrong with the Blue Hole.

Rating 10/10

Hurghada live aboard my introduction to diving

Hurghada5 Jan 2015 - 10 May 2015

After completing my Open Water PADI certification at inland quarries in the UK (Wraysbury and Vobster), I embarked on a real adventure to the Red Sea on a liveaboard with friends.

Our provider was Blue O2 and they were excellent. Our first diving day was delayed due to bad weather so day 2 became day 1.

My first dive was a bit of a disaster, lost a fin and skimmed my head on a rib so dive 1 got scrapped, a great lesson :)

I eventually got into the swing of it and was diving in beautiful water for the rest of the trip, we dived numerous reefs and wrecks, the highlight being the Thistlegorm. I became hooked.

diving goggles 1208672 m

Camelia Kemenes

Blue-o-two are always good! Lost a fin.. :D that sucks!! Did someone manage to get it back?


Brian Espin

Sounds like a blast! Must have been great to get out of those cold murky quarries!

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