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Where to dive in October

I'll be in the Cancun area in mid-October. I haven't decided where to stay yet, and will do so based on the best diving locations. The location needs to be within an hour and a half of Cancun. I'm hoping to mostly do shore dives (keep diving as cheap as possible), but can afford to do a few boat dives as well. Our main goal is to see wildlife, but we'd also like to do a cenote or two.

Experience level: I'm an experienced diver, but I'll be bringing my husband who is getting certified right now.

Any suggestions?

e UbJvLjpCY

Alla Zakharenko

0 votes

Unfortunately it is not the best season in October - whale sharks season lasts up to mid September while it is bot yet bull shark season. You can try heading to Playa del Carmen or Cozumel and dive there, Playa will be more affordable.

Victoria Felt

0 votes

Thanks. Hopefully I’ll get to go another tine as well.

Diving in peninsular Malaysia in July

Hi All,

We are going to spend 5 days diving and relaxing in Malaysia (within a longer tour of Malaysia and Singapore).

I ruled out Sipadan/Semporna for safety so wonder what would be the best location where to dive in peninsular Malaysia in July otherwise?

We will be flying from Singapore and going from there to Penang.

Thanks a lot!

e UbJvLjpCY

Alla Zakharenko

0 votes

What is wrong with Sipadan/Semporna? We dived there and in Tioman island which is located half day ride from Singapore, good diving as well, but it can't be even compared with Mabul/Sipadan

Nick F

0 votes

Sipadan is a must in the region. Safety was not an issue last year.

Rating 7/10

Olhuveli Beach and Report - Maldives

Male Atoll6 Apr 2018 - 20 Apr 2018

A second visit 8 years in the making! A welcome return to the location where we honeymooned complete with upgraded room.

The place is lovey and clean inside and out, with staff even raking the sand!

The food is excellent and the only fault is the time waiting for drinks in the bar.

Staff are very attentive. There is entertainment each night, day trips and watersports to keep you busy on down days.

The place is a 45 minute speedboat ride from the airport straight to the jetty where the dive club is.

Well organised, safe and very knowledgeable dive guides. Especially Marie-san.

The diving is hard work and the currents are strong most times. Certain sites you can only dive with inbound currents so marinelife is attracted such as sharks and eagle rays.

Negative entry can be expected due to the currents and need to get to 30 meters as soon as possible so as not to miss the site.

That said the abundance of turtles, rays and sharks was worth it.

The olhuveli make you do a skills test on the house reef and first dive. mask clear, reg retrieval and out of air scenario.

This is a pleasant dive and in the evenings you can do a night dive.

Up until end April, the mantas are attracted by the plankton blooms. The Olhuveli place lights of the jetty and visitors are able to look down into the water and see them feeding. Meanwhile you can indulge in the underwater spectacle of gliding mantas. at approximately 4 meters you can hold onto the rock and watch them. This was fantastic. Then we went on to see free swimming shrimps, octopus and crabs.

The diving is good and at the same time if you want relaxing diving akin to Shimoni Island off of Africa, then this is not for you.

The resort spoils you and out of the water life is relaxed and chilled out.

Hurghada Hotels with good shore based diving\snorkeling?

Being the only diver in my family, sneaking off day after day to dive doesn't always go down well....just wondering if there are any hotels with particular stretches of shoreline that will offer great snorkeling or shore diving?

Also, my son will be 8 by the time we go, so a hotel with an on site presence so he can try the introduction in the pool would also be great to have?

Many thanks, James

e UbJvLjpCY

Alla Zakharenko

0 votes

Don't head to Hurghada in case you want to dive - better head to Port Ghalib/Marsa Ghalib if you're looking for good shore based diving

Costa Rica or Cozumel?

Planning our 20th anniversary trip and it’s between Cozumel and Costa Rica. What can I expect in March of next year as far as wildlife, visibility, weather, etc. ? Been to Cozumel several times but maybe you can convince me to come to CR. Thank you

Guillaume Brigaudiot

0 votes

Hi Steve. I've been to Cozumel 3 years ago, it was quite a nice spot but not as good as Mahahual in the very South East of Mexico (it's much wilder and there's no huge boats). Costa Rica is still great for inlands adventures and the jungle. The sea is mostly doomed and there are not much sharks still alive in CR...

Rating 10/10

Great diving

Cape Town30 Oct 2017 - 8 Nov 2017

We did 3 dives only with Pisces divers, but what we saw can be compared with a week of diving in e.g. Egypt. Our first dive was with seals, the visibility is not very good for photography, but they get enough close so that you can enjoy them. Next dive was in kelp forest, unfortunately 7 gill sharks vanished and we didn't see any, but we saw an octopus and several cute cat sharks. And the last dive was an oceanic dive with blue sharks and they get VERY close, so cool.

If you decide to head here:

1) Bring a dry suit, if you don't have it - buy it, water temperature is 14 to 17 degrees Celsium

2) Put on a lot of warm clothes once on the oceanic dive because it is a long journey

3) Take Dramamine or alternatives every day or it is going to ruin all your experience, oceanic dive is a 2hr journey 1 way and the boats are tiny :( sometimes there is no place to sit except for the floor

4) Be careful with items you have with/on you, one of divers who was with us had a selfie stick in silver while diving with blue sharks *facepalm and the shark approached her and started chewing the stick!! It lasted for several seconds, luckily she wasn't wounded

See also a video from this trip on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d9NGATDH3g

Cocos Island, Socorro or Galapagos?

I have a possibility to go one of these places with liveaboard. Which one to choose just based on

a) dive conditions

b) wild life

c) water temperature (I like warm water)

Thanks for any tips / experiences!

Mat Howell

0 votes

Socorro for sure, especially if you prefer the warmer water

Whale Shark Season?

From the Wildlife Calendar it looks like whale sharks are around during the months of March, April and May - Planning a trip at the end of April and would like to know if there will be whale sharks then.



French Polynesia


Looking at a long winter break somewhere diving ... and reasonably warm...

Would appreciate some advice on where to go December/ January 2018.

Thinking Palau plus ?

Or French Polynesia

or Fiji...

Any pointers liveaboard vs land based ... any 2 centre suggestions ...



The likelihood of Whale sharks in mid - February

Hi there,

We've had to shift our trip in the Philippines due to Mayon exploding and we are looking into whale shark experiences in Palawan.

What is the likelihood of seeing whale sharks between the 9th and 12th of February?



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