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visa mozambique

Hi guys,

we are diving in mozambique this summer. We arrive in johannesburg and first go to durban, then from there we will go to ponta do ouro. Does anybody have had any problems getting a visa for mozambique at the border?

Kind regards,


Rating 10/10


Hurghada4 Mar 2015 - 14 Mar 2015

I dived with Funnydivers from Hurghada - they were a great team and had their own comfortable boat. The team was really experienced and calm and very comfortable. I am an experienced diver and there were lots of different groups so we could dive with a similar level of experience. There were a few people who were doing intro dives, some on courses and some were certified divers. The food, drinks and water were included as was the taxi with no extra charges. Definitely recommend! www.funnydivers.com

Charles Davis

I had just finished a wonderful dive at Subic Bay, Philippines and was waiting my turn to get back on the dive boat when a diver asked me if I had bought my gear new. I told him I had, about 17 years ago. He replied that my mask was showing its age as was his. We had the same mask, one of the few available 17 /18 years ago that took optical inserts. When we got on-board and started on our surface interval we continued talking of our equipment and experiences with it over the years. The other divers joined in and I will say all were veteran divers. The diver that ask the original question was an Instructor from British Columbia on vacation. Joining the conversation was a technical instructor from the U.K. Two of the divers are pensioners, one also from the U.K., and the other Scotland. They spend about five months here when the weather is cold in their homelands and do at least ten dives a week. The last of our little group was our dive master, Henry.  Henry mostly used the resort's equipment. It has been at least 12 years since I first dived with him.  The area we are diving is a marine sanctuary and local regulations require a dive master in the water each dive.

Best locations for Whale Shark Diving Globally???

Dear Dive Community;

It is my mission this year to dive and see these giants of the ocean. So far we have tried, Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt with no luck.

Please can people send their ideas of where to try this year that does not involve a live aboard (my other half does not like diving...)

The options seems to be Tofo, Utila (Although some security concerns?), Bahamas. So i wondered what people would recommend?

Many thanks in advance folks,


Nick T. Morrison

0 votes

I would recommend Utila, it's where I've seen Whale Sharks plus beautiful island and no need for a liveaboard.

what are the best spots on malta to see rays and octopus?

We are visiting malta in july this year and we would like to see some rays and octopus! :)


Palmira Trentino

0 votes

I have dived all around Malta and seen octopus most dives. No rays though :( most dive centres will take you to dive sites all around the island not just where they are based so should see octopuses.

Lisa van der Cruijsen

0 votes

Thanks Palmira for your answer :) Too bad you didn't see any rays. I read somewhere that stingrays were seen at dive site p29 but maybe those people where just very lucky..

Unpredictable weather at the Yongala...

We're off to Australia in November and have a couple of days planned for Townsville to see the Yongala wreck & Great Barrier Reef. We've been told that the weather can be quite unpredictable at the wreck and trips can be cancelled at short notice. If we miss out because of bad weather we'd receive a full refund, but we wont be in town long enough to get a second chance to go out.

obviously its "unpredictable", but does any one know where I can find a report of how often the yongala was unavailable last year? Particularly November and December.

Paige Dellit

Paige Dellit

0 votes

I don't know stats on how often it was unavailable but you are going a nice time of year. Nov and Dec is just coming into summer so the winds will be lighter than a few months before so more chance of being able to dive the wreck. I will cross my fingers for you :)

Charles Davis

At the beginning of WWII, a navy's power was measured in her battleships. The Musuashi and her older sister the Yamato where the secret weapon of Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN). They were the largest battleships every built and they were built in complete secrecy. When U.S. Naval intelligence did start to hear rumors of the ships, they just dismissed them as propaganda messages, Battleship could not be built that large.

Intelligence was wrong and the Yamato and later the Musuashi emerge from their ship yards as the greatest battleships of all times. Not only were they the largest in size, they had the largest guns. They could fire over the horizon, guided by spotter planes, on targets that could not only not see them but were also beyond their range to return fire.

The Battle of Sibuyan Sea on Oct 24,1944  was the opening skirmish in what became known as the Battle of Leyte Gulf. This sea battle is considered not only the turning point of the War in the Pacific but also the end of the era of battleships. The battle saw both Yamato and the Musuashi defeated in battle. The Battle of Leyte Gulf decimated the majority of the Japanese Imperial Navy's surface fleet and saw the Musashi sunk. The Musashi was a symbol of the Japanese Naval power, it had even been visited by the Emperor. The lost of the battleship and the heavy damage to Yamato, who withdrew from the battle, shock the confidence of the IJN. Air power had proven itself over battleships.

Charles Davis

The selfie, a self portraiture often taken with a digital camera or a camera of a smart phone, has taken over social media. They have become so common that, when a parody online newspaper did an article that said American Psychological Association has announced that taking too many selfies was a mental illness, millions believed it and mentioned friends suffering from it. In the truth is stranger than fiction category, some studies launched after the hoax article did find that people with certain mental disorders did take more selfies. A Thai Health ministry study showed excessive selfies can lead to depression if not enough people “like” it on social media.

Whether you are a fan of selfies or believe in the mental health issues, the fact is they are everywhere online. You can pick up a digital camera very inexpensively to take basic snapshots, and you seldom see a cellular phone that does not include some style of camera, most have two. If days of film you had a limited number of shots and each one cost you in film cost, processing and printing. Today, it cost the same to take one photograph or a thousand. Most of the time you can see the result as you take the photograph. If you do not like it, shoot another. At the end of the day, just delete the ones you not like and save the rest to your computer or online storage.  The introduction of mono-pods, often called selfie sticks, has even helped the growth.

Rating 9/10

Hurgada, Panorama Divers. Very satisfied.

Hurghada3 Apr 2015 - 4 Apr 2015

After our last experience we founded Panorama Divers. It was more expensive 50€ boat, 2 dives, lunch and all the equipment to dive. The experience was really nice. All the things were ok, specially the dive master Shelly from England who maked all very easy, and Jean, the manager. Panorama divers is a dive center to repeat.


Julieta Rodrigues

Love the little photo sign! Clever marketing :)

Rating 2/10

White dolphin Dive Center, Hurgada. A bad experience

Hurghada3 Apr 2015 - 4 Apr 2015

We booked this center in our hotel. Very cheap price 30$ transfer, boat, 2 dives and lunch. Many people on board, The staff were very rude (andrea from Austria, Ahmed Egypcian), they didn't help you very much and the dive master (Ahmed, license CMAS 255) was arrogant and he broked a big coral with a stone to make exit a octopus hiden inside. We were stunned. The boat were more or less ok, the food also ok. The rest bad or very bad. We will not repeat.

diving goggles 1208672 m

Camelia Kemenes

Wow.. that is cheap.. I guess you pay for what you get sometimes! It is a real shame when diving gives people bad experience - destruction of the coral is inexcusable!!!


Brian Espin

They should know better than destroying the environment that people pay to see.

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