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Best Dive Center at Tioman Islands

Which is the best dive center and place to stay at Tioman Islands ?

Which big fish, sharks, turtles etc can I except to see at start of April ?

Any other tips I should know ?

Thanks :)



Hayden Hindley

0 votes

I dived with B&J Divers when I was there and they were really good.

Best Dive Center at Perhentian Islands

Which is the best dive center and place to stay at Perhentian Islands ?

Which big fish, sharks, turtles etc can I except to see at start of April ?

Any other tips I should know ?

Thanks :)



Mike Bednarz

0 votes

Universal Divers - pro, friendly and good quality.


Palmira Trentino

0 votes

I do not know if the best but me and friends have dived with Turtle Bay and I would def go back :)

Rating 7/10

St. Croix from boat and shore

St. Croix14 Mar 2015 - 20 Mar 2015

We spent a week in St. Croix, working in a total of eight dives. We booked a three-day dive package with N2theBlue, an outfitter located on the western end of the island in Frederiksted, for a total of six boat dives. And we did a couple of shore dives, one in Cane Bay and the other from the Frederiksted Pier.

N2theBlue did a great job accommodating our requests and getting us to the locations we wanted to see. They operate two smaller boats, so they cater to a personalized experience. On two of our dive days, we were the only four clients on the boat.

Most of our dives were on the western end of the island and included the wrecks at Butler Bay, Sprat Hole, the Three Amigos at the end of the Frederiksted Pier, and the Swirling Reef of Death. Turtles and big southern stingrays were pretty common, along with a few big green morays, jawfish, and some seahorses pointed out by our dive master. Although it seems to be recovering, the reef here still shows signs of damage from a recent hurricane.

We were also able to do a couple of dives on The Wall near Salt River on the northern side. Apparently it's unusual for the weather in March to be good enough to dive from a smaller boat, but we were in luck. N2theBlue drove their boat around the island the previous evening to be able to meet us at 8:30 the next morning. The coral structure along The Wall is very healthy and diverse. We saw several turtles, reef sharks and some spotted morays.

If you plan to do any shore diving, I would recommend walking the length of the Frederiksted Pier and jumping off the end. The dive shops will tell you it's too far to walk and that you won't be able to make it back on a single tank, but we had no problem with it. The jump is only about 10 feet, and the swim through the gothic columns is well worth it. Look for octopi, lobsters and frogfish in the rubble.

Shore diving on the north side is more difficult, as it's at least a 300 yard kick out, and the current is no joke.

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Lua Méndez Terrazas

Very nice photo!


Sienna Mackenzie

LOVE! Wish I was there... I went in early 2010 and have always been a bit concerned that, after the two hurricanes in 2010 AND the two hurricanes in 2011 (which I understand both caused heavy sea surge) would have trashed the diving there.. it is nice to hear that the dive sites affected are recovering and there are still great dive sites that have come off unscathed.

Aladino Trentino

Nice juxtaposition between the descending diver and the ray!

need advice in diving in maldives... we are planning to go to maldives in june first week. need recommendation in terms of atoll / resorts to go to for manta feeding and whale sharks.

manta rays in july

HI there, we are coming aas part of our honeymoon and are wondering where the best place to stay is to see the mantra rays at this time of the year? we are staying from the 25th july - 1st Aug



David E. Vinson

0 votes

Cyclone feeding happens at Hanifaru Bay.. a few Km from Baa/Raa atoll.. the best time to see them depends on the seasonal weather systems but you are there at a good time and it happens throughout several months.

Karen Watts

0 votes

Thanks David! we will keep our fingers crossed, but know even if we don't see them we will have a wonderful time from looking at the pictures! Do you recommend any particular places to stay which offer good diving or manta trips?

Chares Davis

Israel Antiquities Authority announced in early February the find of over 2,000 gold coins, the largest gold find ever in the western Mediterranean.  Members of a local dive club diving in the ancient harbor of the Caesarea National Park made the initial discovery. One diver saw what they initially thought was a toy coin for a game. However, when finding more they started to wonder if they were not in fact real. Diving in the National Park is open to the public but under controlled measures to prevent looting or damage to archaeological sites. Observers from the Antiquities Authority or specially trained members of the dive club must lead all dives. These divers knew exactly what they needed to do. The divers collected a few coins, marked the location the coins were, and headed back to shore. They immediately started the reporting procedures. The Israel Antiquities Authority dispatched a team of divers who returned to the site with the club divers.  The 2,000 coins recovers are thought to had been uncovered by a recent storm. Plan to explore the site further possibly looking for a ship wreck have been delayed due to poor weather.

Comments in general circulation news media have all sort of views on who these coins belong too. One often expressed notion is the children saying Finder-Keepers, Loser's Weeper's. But the real answer is far from that saying and even for experts it does not always turn out as expected. In this case Israeli law is clear, all antiquities belong to the state and removing them from a site can be a criminal offense.

Charles Davis

Big business is now involved as well and it is being accepted as a means to raise funding. Forbes magazine has even done feature articles on how to get crowd funding. In 2013 an estimated $5.1 Billion was crowd funded online.  The scuba diving industry and closely related items have also turned to crowd funding some successful, some not.

The small Pacific Ocean country of Palau is taking big steps to protect its environment. Two years ago, it teamed up with its neighbors and created a regional shark sanctuary covering 5 million square kilometers. Earlier this year, the country shocked the world by banning commercial fishing within it 200 mile economic zone.  Palau’s waters are home to over 1,000 species of tropical fish, and their new national marine sanctuary will cover approximately 600,000 square kilometers, an area about the size of France. The country's constitution requires leaders to “take positive action to conserve a beautiful, healthful and resourceful natural environment.” They seem to be following that mandate. However, Palau's plan had a major problem. They own only one patrol boat to enforce the marine park regulations. Like so many others, Palau turned to crowd funding and it been reported that they successfully raised $100,000 to purchase drones and other monitoring equipment.

An established woman's watch company, the Abingdon company is a boutique business that has a narrow niche. They design and manufacture fashionable, functional watches for women aviators.  For the last two years they have been researching and designing a new watch to expand their market to female scuba divers. They have designed a watch they named Marina and state that it easily stands out as a rare and one-of-a-kind entry in the woman's dive watch market. The companies goal is to keep the final retail price of the watch, which will be available in seven colors, below the $1,000 mark. To meet that target amount for their initial production of 500 watches they need to raise $63,000 by their kickstarter campaign. Backers at different levels can get different incentives. There were ten offers of Getting a free watch for a $450 pledge, they have already been taken. They still have a distance to meet their goal but they are doing well so far.

Rating 8/10

Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

Gili Islands3 Mar 2014 - 18 Mar 2014

Having visited my brother who emigrated to Oz, we couldn't fly over Indonesia without a look see!!! (Still not dived Oz as Asthmatic so need to do more than a diving medical - another time!)

We stayed in Bali overnight and then transferred by boat - about 2 hours.

We stayed in Bali Sampan hotel on Gili - a small and clean place with good breakfast and helpful friendly staff.

The shower was open top - awesome sensation!

TV reception was intermittent -then, we weren't there for tv!

We prepaid with Manta Dive which was about a 10 minute walk, as discount offered. Fresh water to clean kit and a place to store securely (we always take our kit). Staff great and saw a myriad of things - sharks (white n black tip), rays, ribbon eels, manits shrimp and lots of turtles! There is a conservation programme on the Island where you can see them being raised.

There is no transport on the island other than horse drawn. Ask price b4 u get in! Or hire a bike from your hotel as we did.

It rained quite heavily for odd spells whilst there, soon went though.

The dive guide lived on Lombok (about an hour by boat) and he hired us a car which took us round the island - up through the monkey forests to the waterfalls. The climb is hard work and much water consumed-rest had! We were a bit of an attraction as the only pale skins the locals had prob ever seen. We paid about 2.50GBP for a driven scooter ride back down.

Indonesia is very humid and water is a must. We drank only branded spirits on our off evenings poss not legit otherwise.

GT is a great lively place to stay with plenty of low cost and upmarket eateries, including live bands.

There are many cats on the island introduced some time ago by a landowner. Many have bent tails or partial tails - all are well, just quirky now due to ancestry!!

A lovely little island that we called home for 2 weeks. A place where you could island hop to other places very easily.

IMG2 IMG0081 IMG0011 IMG0038 IMG0047
Paige Dellit

Paige Dellit

I think I remember your last report - another beautifully written and useful report with great photos :)


André Fernandes

Beautiful turtle photo. I have forwarded to a friend heading that way! Good timing.

i am concerned we will miss the whale sharks in exmouth, W A

We can't get there until 14th July. Can anyone advise how likely it is that they will still be there?

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Vandra Allison

2 votes

Beautiful diving there either way :D


Desmond Metzler

0 votes

It will probably depend on the season and the weather.. and a bit of luck! How long will you be spending there (the number of days you get out will probably make the difference).


Vandra Allison

0 votes

It is 'in' season.. but as Desmond says usually they are brought in by increases in plankton and how long this lasts for depends on the weather and currents. Maybe ask dive operators in April when the whale sharks season has been so far you may be able to see if it is later this year or earlier.



In March I have a ten-day vacation in Egypt. Specifically holiday in Sunrise Royal Makadi Resort. I know that there are many diving places around resort. I would like to know or any diving center organizes diving with sharks?

Thank you

Best regards Zygimantas.

Astrid Quiñónez Tovar

1 vote

There should be pretty good provision for this.. however dive centers may not be able to 'guarantee' seeing sharks - but can take you to places where they are frequently seen. If you can't find answers from dive operators in Makadi - you are pretty close to Hurghada (a massive diving hub - you can probably get in touch with some via this site, or also maybe Safaga).

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