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Whale Shark Season?

From the Wildlife Calendar it looks like whale sharks are around during the months of March, April and May - Planning a trip at the end of April and would like to know if there will be whale sharks then.



French Polynesia


Looking at a long winter break somewhere diving ... and reasonably warm...

Would appreciate some advice on where to go December/ January 2018.

Thinking Palau plus ?

Or French Polynesia

or Fiji...

Any pointers liveaboard vs land based ... any 2 centre suggestions ...



The likelihood of Whale sharks in mid - February

Hi there,

We've had to shift our trip in the Philippines due to Mayon exploding and we are looking into whale shark experiences in Palawan.

What is the likelihood of seeing whale sharks between the 9th and 12th of February?





3 months ago

Hi, I want to dive in Indonesia next year. I want to see the Hammershark. When is the best time in the year for seeing the most? where is the best island, live on board to do it? thanks

Is Koh Samui a good destination for beginners?

I am fairly new to scuba diving, and I'm relocating to Thailand very soon, so I want to take the chance to explore Koh Samui and I thought of doing scuba diving, but is it a good destination for beginners?

I am planning to take a tour with Boutique Yachting because they have many years in the sector and their ships are pretty good (https://www.boutiqueyachting.com/yachts/), but I do not know if they will help me with scuba diving (I will message them haha).

But, according to you experts, is it a good idea to do scuba diving as a beginner in Koh Samui? Thanks a lot in advance!

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Edward Callahan

0 votes

Yeah, Koh Samui is pretty good for beginners - there are LOADS of dive schools there to take you through the early stages of learning too.. I would recommend not going for the cheapest center - to a large extent you pay for what you get and its not a sport you want to cut corners in!


Joanne Roberts

0 votes

Hi. we dived with the Dive academy. They are a professional outfit that make safety the first priority. Water can be choppy, so travel sickness tablets are a must if you suffer. This dive school do provide them onboard. http://www.thediveacademysamui.com.


Joanne Roberts

0 votes

They also have a school and provide teaching qualifications under the PADI certification

Rating 10/10

The Great White Wall

Taveuni26 Nov 2017 - 30 Nov 2017 with Paradise Taveuni

The soft coral capital of the world’s signature dive offers an astounding wall of pure white soft coral. This site is definitely the world famous Rainbow Reef’s top draw. A coral encrusted swim – through leads onto the wall from the reef top. A dazzling myriad of color and life inhabits the reef top. Manta rays glide past with ethereal grace. On exiting the water from this site an awed silence lasts awhile before an excited chatter that lasts for days starts among divers. Not to be missed!


Edward Callahan

This sounds amazing!



where can I find the fish you have in your photo profile? I'm looking for a dive trip with big weird fishes :-)


Hi From Dubai

4 months ago

Somehow found this site by accident and will update UAE information as some of it appears to be rather dated.

Anyone looking for information in diving in UAE is welcome to contact me.

I have no affiliations to any dive centre as I use several dive ops to access sites mainly on the east coast of UAE around Fujairah, Dibba, Al Aqah and Khorfakkan.

Cocos Island versus French Polynesia

i am currently looking to undertake a big dive trip... so far i am looking at either Cocos Island or French Polynesia and am struggling to decide.

Has anyone any experience of either and what time of year did you go?

I was looking at Malpelo only Columbian government closed it off currently.

Many thanks


Traci Quick

0 votes

I haven't been to French Polynesia yet, but I was at Cocos this past July/August and can definitely recommend it. This is my trip report http://www.divereport.com/dive-reports/6404/hundreds-of-hammerheads

Need recommendation for diving in Mexico i June / July 2018

Hi. Me and my friend are travelling for diving in Mexico in the end of June.

WE have order the fly thickets and we was think about living on Isla Mujeres and dive from here.

Both of us have advance and nitrox diving licence.

What can you recommend of diving this periode of time?

As far as i know this outside the season here, du we need to book in advance or can we order when we are there?

Can you offer package where diving, hotel and food are included?


What is your recommendation of diving center here and why?

We had hope to see big fish as shark, or other fish. What can we expect to see in this periode of the year?

Is there anyone here that have trips to Barracuda reef?

So please give me information about Diving in Isla Mujeres area?


Best regards

Bjarte Myksvoll

From Norway

Telephone. 004799559567

E-mail: bj-myks@online.no

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Joanne Roberts

0 votes



Joanne Roberts

0 votes

We we dived in Cozumel in September and stayed on the Island. This is because the majority of diving we were looking at was around the Island and it takes 45 minutes to get to Cozumel. If you want to dive the Cenotes then you can stay on the mainland.


Joanne Roberts

0 votes

Unfortunately I am unable to give you any help on Isla Mujeres. We dived with ProDive who were excellent.

Rating 6/10

Diving Lemongan near Bali with Two fish

Bali15 Sep 2017 - 25 Nov 2017

The trip was arranged to go in search of the Mola Mola (Sunfish). We were not disappointed!

The water temperature was between 17 and 22 degrees and a 5mm full length wet suit is a must! Most of the dives sites are within a 30 minutes bot ride, with Crystal Bay and Manta Point being almost an hour.

Two Fish are a small and well run centre in Lembongan. They provide cheap kit hire, good food, accommodation and excellent dive guides.

Currents are sometimes unpredictable pushing you up and down and side to side. Sometimes they are there, the next they are gone. The guides are very knowledgeable and you are made to feel very safe in their capable hands.

So, you need to pay attention to them.

The 2 busiest locations are Crystal Bay and Manta Point. This is due to the 80% chance of seeing Mola and Manta Rays.

Avoiding other groups can be a challenge therefore. At Crystal Bay, expect maybe 20 boats at any given time. At Manta about 10.

The experience is worth it when you do see the sights.

That said, we were fortunate to see a Mola at 12 metres (instead of the usual 22m) at dive site SD as we mad our ascent.

Lots of macro stuff to see too. Nudis, leaf fish and baby spanish dancers.

There are some unusual scorpion fish - albino! Lots of large shoals of trevally , baracuda and bamboo sharks can also be seen.

Very enjoyable overall, despite the cold. The currents are challenging and fun in the drifts.

The local area is relaxed and the accompanying islands are worth a visit for the views and beaches. Rent a car/ hire a driver if you go to Penida as very uneven and scooter travel can be treacherous.

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