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Rating 10/10

Wonderful Bali

Bali20 Feb 2016 - 26 Feb 2016

I dived 10 times in Bali when was there in february.

We went to local dive sites from Candidasa (near to Padang bay)

The first dive was terrible and frightening - for me - because I was overweighted (before used 10kg in Egyp) A strong current took away me but guide was professional and saved me.

The second dive at tepekong wes fantastic. I saw my first white-tip shark there. (Actually you always can see shark/s there because there is a cave where they live)

After we went the other famous spots, as Blue Lagoon, Padang bay harbour, Tulamben (USS Liberty).

What can you see there? Beautiful macro themes with lots of nudibranches, mantis shrimp, batfish, turtles, frog fish, stone fishes, puffer fish, lionfish and so on.

The last two dives were the best:

We went to Bahia and Tepekong. There was strong currents so you have to be advanced diver if go there. At Bahia we saw a big white-tip shark in the cave, after dive along the wall. At Tepekong we saw 3-4 small white-tip sharks, nudibranches, and a lot small species, big lobsters but the greatest thing was a big, nice turtle at the bottom.

Here is a video about the last dive:


vlcsnap 2016 09 11 12h16m23s0 GOPR1533 vlcsnap 2016 09 11 12h25m01s47 vlcsnap 2016 09 11 12h28m40s255 vlcsnap 2016 09 11 12h29m04s245

Edward Callahan

Watched the youtube video - looks great :)

Diving at Lombok

Hey Guys,

I will be at Lombok between 9-20 december.

Can anybody join to me?

Another question is:

What can I expect there in december?

I would like dive at Lombok, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembogan, etc.



Rating 10/10

Alami Alor Resort - Undiscovered Till Now

Alor Island9 Aug 2016 - 18 Aug 2016

We found this amazing place by accident and having dived many resorts world wide understand what is good and bad.

Well worth the effort to get here, as it has an amazing array of dive site and for us Muck divers was brilliant and better than Lembah Strait for much diving and variety!

The hosts Max and Lauren have recently established this small resort and I'm sure in future there will be a waiting list to book.

Varied unspoilt diving with just a couple of other resorts in the area and after 30 dives we only came across other divers once.

Some of the reefs offer the best coral we have seen and variety of what you can see ranges from nudis to Hammerheads and even the odd thresher shark, plus many rare and unusual species.

The house reef is really good and even has mandarin fish to watch.

The best praise being that we have already booked to return whilst we can get in...

DSC08830 P1030185 DSC08217

Struth Ruth

Totally agree with you. Been to Alami Alor twice and love it there, best of both worlds reef and muck, i'm sure I'll be back again in 2017. They now have an Instagram account if you want to see more @alamialordiveresort

Mark Ford

already re booked for April 17 ;)

Rating 4/10

Diving Lanzarote and Graciosa island

Lanzarote13 Aug 2016 - 21 Aug 2016 with Canary Island Divers

Most of the dives you can do beguin frome the shore ecepted fore museum . You need the museum dive booking 5 days before .

I seened many see horses , parrot fishes , trumpet fishes and see stars .

What is water temp mid June?

I usually use a 3mm in 80 degree water, but get cold if any cooler. Could I get by with a vest over 3mm in Mid June?

How busy is the first week of january?

Hi Guys,

Im planning a trip for the first week of January to the Andaman Islands, is this a good time to go? Is it busy ? How are the chances for manta rays?

Thanks in advance :)

Jurgen Van Duffel

0 votes

Hi Kim, Oct to April in the diving season. 1st week Jan is very busy due the to Christmas and NY holiday period. Diving wise it might not be the best as the NE monsoon might have some strong wind preventing you from visiting the further and deeper dive sites

Diving in Tofo end of December

Hello, I'm thinking of taking my Advanced OW certification in Tofo after Christmas this year. Has anyone been there and can recommend the place (or not)? I'm leaning towards Tofo in the hope of seeing whale sharks, I'd be staying 10 days so I really hope it will happen. Can anyone offer advices/opinons on the place? Thanks a lot!

Gozo diving forecast

Hi Guys

I'm planing to go diving in Gozo on august

Is there any forecast about the sea state?



Costa Rica, where is the best place to dive?

I'm planing a trip to Costa Rica on April 2017 and need to decide the best place to scuba dive: Cano Island or Guanacaste.

Redang Kalong is a great dive site

Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city town


Weijian Lin

However, they are closing their doors in August 2016... quick go there and book now!

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