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Will whale sharks be present during January and February?

My fiancé and i are planning on visiting El Nido, Philippines next January and One of the main reasons were going is to see the whale sharks. How likely will we see whale sharks during the months of January and/or February?

Any chance of operators taking diivers out in march 2017

Read somewhere that since Chinese New Year was early this year and the monsoon season follows the lunar year it is possible the diving season may start earlier

Rating 10/10

Great dives in the south of La Palma

La Palma25 Dec 2016 - 25 Dec 2016

We just did some amazing dives with the crew from La Palma Diving. As our hotel (La Palma Princess) is in the south, far away from the Dive Center, they did even pick us up and take us diving in Malpique. Conditions were fine, very good visibility, spotted an eagle ray at the drop-off, lots of moray eels, and the crosses - impressing. Would always recommend to dive with them, very friendly and professional - thans to Oli and the other girl!

Rating 6/10

Really bad visibility in January/February

Playas del Coco28 Jan 2017 - 5 Feb 2017

Yes, there was many things to see underwater (rays, turtles, a lot of my favorite: the porcupine fish, etc) but the visibility was definitely awful, even worse in snorkeling (like 1 or 2 meters maximum on some beaches).

At some point, we even lost the divemaster (which was always in a hurry) at the end of our last dive.

Maybe we were unlucky, I don't know, but it was really disappointing.

Shore diving north of Tulum (Tulsayab)

WE are renting a house "Casa Dena" just north of Tulsayab. Wondering if the water in the 2 bays right there is good for shore dives?


Travelling in March

Is diving/snorkelling completely out of the question in the Perhentians in March?

Rating 9/10

Ari Atoll

Ari Atoll1 Jan 2017 - 10 Jan 2017

Very good diving sites , Mantas , scorpion fish , nubibranchs and hammerhead hunting .

We saw the whale shark snorkeling .

The Ariston inn diving center its very very good , all of them are very kinde . Cecey (the manager) its a beautiful person .. Hope to see you back !

Rating 8/10

Kittiwake Wreck - Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman1 Jan 2016 - 8 Jan 2017 with The Lobster Pot Dive center

The Wreck of the Kittiwake lies off shore in Grand Cayman, to the North - top end of 7 mile beach.

The Sand lies around 60ft ad the Ship has moved slightly down a sand slop nearer to the reef and wall following storms. The Ship is now slightly angled, tilted into the sand. It stands in tact and almost exactly parallel to the shore and wall.

Having now been underwater for 6 years, it has some great life and regular visitors. Its a great purposefully sunk and designed for diving wreck, it has large open spaces. It is clean and tidy but still has more than enough set up on it to get the feel of the wreck and its original features.

Lobster Pot give fully guided tours, full wreck penetration to suit the group. Very interesting dive, you perfectly wind your way up the wreck from bottom layer to top, the captains cabin, and top deck sit at 6-5 meters 15ft at the top. Perfect for you safety stop.

Look out for Moray, Giant Barracuda, Turtles, Huge schools of fish on the Wreck itself and Garden Eel, Eagle Ray and Southern Stingrays in the Sand.

Rating 8/10

Cheese Burger Reef

Grand Cayman1 Jan 2016 - 15 Jan 2017 with The Lobster Pot Dive center

Cheese Burger reef, runs from behind Burger King in George town to Lobster Pot Dive Center. Its considered Lobster Pots house reef.

The Boat lane for the dock is clearly marked and staff offer guided dives of the reef or a full site briefing if you choose to dive as a buddy team.

Its a common site for DSD's and training due to the depth and short swim from shore.

Sand at 15ft front of the reef - 40 ft back of the reef. The reef itself stands 1ft underwater to the sand. Due to its position, it is well protected in the Bay. Providing a fishy reef with lots of Juvenile fish. There are two swim though on the reef. Often full of large Tarpon. Common to see Lobster, Rays, Eels and Turtles also on the reef and in the sand.

Occasionally sandy at the front the viz is on a bad day 20 - 40ft but usually around 60 - 80ft

Great place for a night dive, look out for squid, octopus and sleeping Parrot fish in their mucous layer.

Casey Spencer Steve2 1524188611114572289752647050947443596210493n 1517806211113524189857451450735351585188522n.VividShare sunset weekdn

Hi , i would like to ask how can a introduce a dive center

Ive been diving in Dangethi island in Sud Ari atoll last week and i dived with Ariston inn dive center and i would like to racomand them .


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Catherine Jones

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They can create themselves as a user - then go to their profile and click 'dive center owner manager' - after that they can make a profile! Thanks Constantin!

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