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Rating 8/10

Cheese Burger Reef

Grand Cayman1 Jan 2017 - 15 Jan 2017

Cheese Burger reef, runs from behind Burger King in George town to Lobster Pot Dive Center. Its considered Lobster Pots house reef.

The Boat lane for the dock is clearly marked and staff offer guided dives of the reef or a full site briefing if you choose to dive as a buddy team.

Its a common site for DSD's and training due to the depth and short swim from shore.

Sand at 15ft front of the reef - 40 ft back of the reef. The reef itself stands 1ft underwater to the sand. Due to its position, it is well protected in the Bay. Providing a fishy reef with lots of Juvenile fish. There are two swim though on the reef. Often full of large Tarpon. Common to see Lobster, Rays, Eels and Turtles also on the reef and in the sand.

Occasionally sandy at the front the viz is on a bad day 20 - 40ft but usually around 60 - 80ft

Great place for a night dive, look out for squid, octopus and sleeping Parrot fish in their mucous layer.

Casey Spencer Steve2 1524188611114572289752647050947443596210493n 1517806211113524189857451450735351585188522n.VividShare sunset weekdn

Hi , i would like to ask how can a introduce a dive center

Ive been diving in Dangethi island in Sud Ari atoll last week and i dived with Ariston inn dive center and i would like to racomand them .


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Catherine Jones

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They can create themselves as a user - then go to their profile and click 'dive center owner manager' - after that they can make a profile! Thanks Constantin!

Rating 10/10

Majestic Mantas, Dancing Dolpins and Haunting Hammerheads

Socorro Island29 Dec 2016 - 6 Jan 2017 with Nautilus Belle Amie

Just returned from an amazing trip aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie. What a first-class operation! Great crew, wonderful meals and diving that makes me want to go back....soon! The rooms were large, the bathrooms full-size with a shower that had hot water and great water pressure. The beds were comfortable and the room was convenient to the dive deck and sun deck.

The RIBs they used took a minute to figure out getting in and out, although it was a pretty simple procedure. The RIB was brought up on deck to get in over the side and when coming back, gear was handed up from the side and then walked up a stable ladder that was hooked over the side. Not too complicated since we had small swells, may have been a much different deal if we had rough seas.

We were fortunate with perfect weather, water temps 78-80 F and viz 80-100 ft. The crossing was smooth with a few side swells, but it's open ocean not a lake! We dove San Benedicto (El Canon), Socorro (Roca O'Neal), Roca Partida and back to San Benedicto (El Boiler). The Mantas were out in full force, seven on one dive and they were FRIENDLY!! Lots of video footage! We were greeted with clicks and whistles as we dropped into the water at the Boiler - the dolphins were waiting to put on a show! As we descended and got into position, the dolphins lined up in a row "standing" on their tails and then it was like someone turned on the music. In unison they started bobbing their heads and a few were moving their mouths as if singing - - I know, it sounds like I was narc'ed out of my mind, but I have the video! Truly memorable!

If you are thinking about making the trip - - STOP thinking and get it reserved! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Rating 9/10

Molasses Reef

Key Largo3 Jan 2017 - 3 Jan 2017 with Rainbow Reef Dive Center

I dove here were Rainbow Reef in 6 foot waves with heavy currents so wildlife was not the best but still present and amazing. With 2 dives we saw, Barracudas, Sting rays, Parrot fish, angel fish, Lobsters, Groupers, and Turtles. I can not wait to dive here again when seas are a bit calmer. We chose Eagle Ray Alley and Wellwood. There is a reason this is one of the best dives in north America.

Rating 9/10

Gateway Dive

Cabo San Lucas11 Jun 2016 - 11 Jun 2016 with Manta Scuba Diving

this was my first diving experience and it got me hooked. We did 2 dives at around 40' each. We saw a grumpy moray eel, White Tip Reef Shark, Parrot Fish, lots of rays and guitar fish, and some interesting Seals. It was fantastic.

Diving in Hoi An or Nha Trang in January

I was thinking about becoming certified in the beginning of January but it appears there is no wildlife to see, would it be worth it? Is there anything to see?

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Catherine Jones

0 votes

Unlikely to see the big things - bit rarer there compared to other places in SE Asia.. but it should be good nevertheless! :)

Rating 8/10

Amazing diving in Maldives

Lhaviyani Atoll10 Nov 2016 - 20 Nov 2016 with Palm Beach Diving Center

I stayed Lhaviyani Atoll in Maldives for 10 days and dove with Palm Beach Resort & Spa.

During my 14 dives there we say 8 gray sharks, 5 mantas, 3 eagle rays, dozens of morays, lobsters, ghost pipefish, groupers, 2 nurse sharks, dozens of green turtles, napoleon fish, scorpion fish and much more. Almost all the times that we have been out with the boat we saw schools of dolphins (hundreds of them) and we heard them while diving.

Water temperature was 27/28°C and visibility from 10m to 20m (plankton season of November). Dive sites perfect for drift dives (on the oceanic coral walls), wreck dive (2 wrecks) and to sea huge amounts of fish.

I highly recommend this dive site and the dive center. The latter has been really professional and friendly (they can cover German, English, Italian and Russian languages).

diving goggles 1208672 m

Camelia Kemenes

Wow.. AMAZING photographs Giacomo!


Palmira Trentino

5 mantas.. turtles.. nurse sharks.. that sounds like dream diving. So amazing - I hope to go one day.

Rating 8/10

Superb spot

Mahahual2 May 2014 - 6 May 2016

The 7 dives in Mahahual were among the best I ever did. The water was very clear and had incredibles shades of blue. Lots of crayfish, lion fish, turtles, some eagle rays too. I also saw a nurse shark on the last day and a tiger snake eel. Unfortunately it was too early for whale sharks (they come from Belize in mid June). The night dive was a lifetime experience as turtles were sleeping on the bottom of the sea and you can see some slipper lobster and huge crabs.

Gano Hughes

Mahahaul.. great name.. great diving :D

지도 표시가 잘 못 되었습니다.

(일본해) --> ( 동해 ) 변경해 주세요

Jo Jinhee

1 vote

(일본해) --> ( 동해 ) 변경해 주세요!!

Haejin Jung

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the east sea

Rating 10/10

So much marine life variety

Gili Islands15 Oct 2016 - 20 Oct 2016

Diving the Gili Islands reveals so much marine diversity. My favourite site is Halik. Scuba Diving with Aquaddiction on Gili Trawangan will ensure you have a safe and fun dive. Aquaddiction has a maximum group size of 4 students per divemaster or instructor so you know you'll get a lot of attention.

On my last dive with Aquaddiction I saw 3 Octopus, 2 leafy scorpion fish, 2 moray eels, 1 lion fish and 3 turtles. To have seen any one of those things where I used to dive on Koh Tao would have been amazing, so to see so much on one dive here blew me away. When you dive with Aquaddiction ask for Hudari, he has been diving the Gili Islands for 10 years and is a master at finding all the good stuff.

There is quite a bit of current in the strait of lombok so expect some of your dives to be drift dives. This wasn't a problem for us though as our divemaster kept everything safe and the Aquaddiction boat, Charlie, came to pick us up as soon as we surfaced.

I'd definitely recommend diving the Gili Islands and if you are staying on Gili Trawangan definitely choose to dive with Aquaddiction.

P6111943 2

Dawn Hadsell

Gilli is amazing.. I also dived with Aquadiction :)

Gano Hughes

Nice photograph Chris!

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