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Hi you all .

I'm looking fore some buddy's to dive with .

I like to look fore big creatures all aver . I would like to be in a comunity to date dives and to share the trips with .



Joss Leonard

What part of the world are you in Constantin?


Constantin Constantinescu

Hi , im from Italy , Rome

Rating 8/10


Bali26 Mar 2016 - 10 Apr 2016

All the Gilis islands are yust fantastic!

Rating 10/10

Pico, Azores

Pico19 Apr 2015 - 3 May 2015

The Azores are the place to be for all marine life lovers. It's THE place to go to see approx. 24 whale and dolphin species. Divers will experience a unique Atlantic sea fauna including blue- and makro sharks as well as Mantas im Princess Alice.

Abigail Booth

Abigail Booth

I never knew!!



I was just in Tenerife. The turtles are only partially visible. Rarely even. Would be great if you could change this!

regards jvo

tumbler profile

Catherine Jones

1 vote

Thanks Mac - we will change this to 'can see' in the calendar.


Mike Bednarz

0 votes

Agreed. Hard to see turtles there these days :(

Rating 6/10

Tenerife south

Tenerife25 Apr 2015 - 2 May 2015

Beautiful dive sites with small wrecks. In addition, a solid dive site with rays.

Rating 9/10

Blue Hole

Algoa Bay16 Mar 2016 - 20 Mar 2016

Love the place. Really excited to return here and dive even deeper

scuba diver 954785 m

Leon Dubose

Nice! It is scary deep! :D

Rating 10/10

Fun with Visit Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya1 Jan 2015 - 31 Mar 2016

Kalpitiya (Sri Lanka), One of the booming dive location in Sri Lanka. The safe and large marine life and corals in Kalpitiya sea (Indian Ocean) is amazingly beautiful and started to attract divers and other tourists on its way..

"Visit Kalpitiya" is a multi service providers in Kalpitiya region. They arrange Diving and other activities (Dolphin watching / Snorkeling / Jungle Safari / Airport Trabsfers) in best price. We did a tour with them. Actually they don't have their own dive center but they know all the dive centers and they arranged diving sessions according to our requirements.

They are very kind and always provided real information about Kalpitiya.


P1130153 P1130135 P1130185 P1130191 P1130217

Mike Bednarz

Looks amazing Shaad!

dive palau in May, or save for the optimal jan-april time?

(and wondering if it's been impacted by El Nino this year)


Hayden Hindley

2 votes

Save diving palau for Jan/Apri.. much better conditions!


Mike Bednarz

0 votes

Would agree with Hayden


I saw what i think was a small shark at the c-58 ship wreck site. It was about 3ft in length and had a square shaped head. Has anyone else seen this kind of fish? If so what was it? Thanx


Mike Bednarz

0 votes

I think i have seen something similar but no idea what it is! Sorry! :D

Tim Hooker

Dive Report member, Tim Hooker, recently went to Cozumel. He has provided us with an in-depth report about his trip. We hope it is useful for those planning to go Diving in Cozumel in the future!

Dive Travel - From February 27 through March 5, 2016

Weather: Rain on Saturday @ arrival, Sunny and 75’ air temps through Wednesday. Rain Thursday afternoon and on departure day.

Flying in to the Island was a breeze as there are regular flights from almost anywhere every day of the week. Getting through customs was about as easy as it gets with the normal customs paperwork filled in before you land. Getting taxi service is also very easy. As soon as you’ve cleared your baggage just head towards the exit and you will find a ticket counter just before you go out the doors on the left where you can purchase a shared cab ride to anywhere on the island. If you miss it you will be pointed in the right direction. They will designate your cab based on the area you are traveling to. We went to Hotel Cozumel, which was a 10 minute ride that cost me $12.00 and trust me a $2-3.00 tip is more than enough. While you’re on the island if you don’t rent a car or motorcycle and choose taxi remember, everything is negotiable, and if you wait on the right taxi you’ll get the right price Downtown is only 5 minutes from the Hotel. It cost us $6.00 to get there. Coming back one driver said he would transport us for $10.00. We passed and the next cab took us for $5.00.
Cozumel Downtown

Downtown is great for fantastic food and if you like shopping or for your typical tourist stuff there is plenty of it there. While we were in town there were 7 cruise ships at port. If you average 3K travelers a vessel, that puts you in town potentially shopping with 21,000 people. The town of San Miguel’s population is about 75K so that makes shopping crowded. Every shop you pass buy you are solicited by vendors standing in the street yelling, “Hey it’s my turn now. come in my store I have what you want!” Long story short only one vendor spoke the truth when he said, “Hey sir! You want to come in my store and give me a chance to rip you off just a little bit?” True story! Long story short there are numerous shops, and all of them have the same stuff. You can however, work some good deals. It’s a fun place to visit during your off gassing day before your flight home.

Hotel Cozumel was our choice as we’ve been there before so being familiar is very convenient. It does happen to be one of the best deals on the Island if you like an all inclusive 3 dives a day package. The hotel boasts a buffet style restaurant with several cook stations. Hours of operation will guarantee you a meal no matter when you dive. There is a well stocked bar at the restaurant and also a bar at every eating station at the place. Outside by the pool there is what they call a snack bar but it’s more like a meal bar. You can eat there throughout the day. Just across the street next to the Dive Paradise Dive Shop is their Beach Club where drinks and food flow all day long. You can access the Beach Club and dive shop by walking across the street, or avoid a treacherous traffic crossing travel across in an underground tunnel that connects the hotel to the other side.

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