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Charles Davis

The discovery is amazing and the potential in the medical field wide spread. For Diving it has potential, still a great deal of development is needed. A number of writers who have expanded on the scientific material in general publications also do not understand diving very well. A number of online publication have even stated that the concept is in practice. A couple of magazines even had a photograph of a free diver saying they were testing the crystals.

So until the technical achievements that are needed occur, witches and wizards will still need gillyweed.  In the magical world of Harry Potter, a handful of gullyweed allows an underwater stay of an hour. Muggles, non-magical folks, will still need scuba tanks. But for how much longer?

Charles Davis

The Guinness judge was able to adjudicate the attempt. After Gabr returned to the surface and was examined by his team of doctors, the judge declared the record. While Gabr was dealing with a long deep dive with only a few support divers, Allen Sherrod was in about 10 meters of water in his world record attempt. He had with him, two support divers that were rotated every hour, visiting divers dropping in for a visit, live radio interviews, visits by mermaids and renewed his wedding vows. Sherrod's goal was to stay underwater for 55 hours. His record attempt was just 900 feet off shore on an artificial reef. Since you may have risen your eyebrows at the mermaid comment let me explain that first. Allen and his wife Barbara live in Weeki Wachee Florida. The park there is known for its springs and mermaid show. Allen is the director of underwater safety and his wife recently retired from the show where she was one of the mermaids.

The world record dive attempt was being held in conjunction with a mermaid convention. Before, during and after his dive, there were photo shoots with some of the mermaids. When he and his wife renewed their vows, her wedding party were all in tails, mermaid tails. Sherrod wore a full face mask fitted with an underwater speaker device of his design during the entire event. It was developed as a safety device at the mermaid show. On this dive it was also fitted with a cell phone device allowing him to give live updates to local radio stations. He wore a dry suit and used a side mount set up, which make it easier to swap out tanks with the help of his safety divers. Some problems with his dry suit leaking caused him to shorten his dive. While short of his 55 hour goal, Sherrod was able to stay under for 51 hours, 4 minutes and 28 seconds. As he did not have a judge on site, his evidence will need to be evaluated before officially being awarded the record.

Charles Davis

There are number of projects that a scuba diver can get involved with as they enjoy their dive.  Divers who have taken a photograph of a whale shark are encourage to provide a copy of the photograph and dive information to the Wildbook for Whale Shark website. That site maintains a photographic index of Whale sharks and the data is used to help track the worlds largest fish. You may even be able to match your photograph against a description in the data base and find out more about the whale shark you have seen. A similar shark project is being done at Stanford university. That project, shark pulse, is gathering images of all species of sharks for its database.

The iSeahorse project would love your help to record seahorse observations. An effort of Project Seahorse of the University of British Columbia, London Zoo, and others, the iSeahorse project is a program for recreational scuba divers. Divers are asked to report sightings of seahorses to their project. They currently have a iPhone/ iPad application to stream line the reporting and provide information on different seahorse species.  The app will help you identify the species of seahorse and give you an overview of that species. They have also recently launched a PADI approved Seahorse Specialty Course that is now available in Thailand at three popular diving destinations: Phuket, Pattaya and Koh Tao. Over 30 instructors have been trained to teach the specialty course.

Rating 8/10

Night Dive at Kata Reef, Phuket

Phuket31 Oct 2014 - 2 Nov 2014 with Rumblefish Adventure

One of Thailand’s top shore dive sites, Kata Beach North Reef is opened and the diving has been awesome. With easy walk-in conditions, relaxed shallow dives, Kata Reef lets divers take their time to take photos of some of the coolest and weirdest creatures in the Andaman Sea. In our first week, we have found Robust ghost pipefish, juvenile Reef cuttlefish, Reef octopus and on Halloween Night, a first time sighting of the rare Starry night octopus.

From now until the end of April, daily day and night dives, beginners or experienced all can dive here. It's a great dive site for long, slow and relax dives. You can log as long 100 minutes on 1 tank if you're good on air.

Starry.night.Octo Justin.Lee cuttlfish.small hermitcrab.small Scorpionfish.small

Nick T. Morrison

Looks good! Octopus looks a great sighting.

Rating 10/10

FIrst two Dives of my OW

Phi Phi Islands3 Nov 2014 - 3 Nov 2014 with Blue View Divers

So I finally got wet and started my open water course with Blue View Divers on Phi Phi Island, two hours underwater with one of their Instructors Caroline made my week, I chilled with a turtle, saw chameleon cuttlefish and ate a great Penang curry :)

Diving was much less intimidating then I thought it would be! Competent instructors help here of course - but the the mask clearance was not so bad.

divereport 47110ea33f38a4251ed6e1b88cacaab0be2783c3

Diving in Perth, December

Hello. I am torn between diving in Perth or making the trek up to Exmouth this coming December. I will be visiting family for Christmas, and in the meanwhile doing some research regarding the best places to dive.

Will I be able to see much off of Rottnest Island? Or is should I head to Exmouth even though there are no whale sharks or manta rays during December?

Any suggestions for a dive trip in WA?

Thanks in advance.

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André Fernandes

0 votes

Rottnest is not a bad dive site if you are local anyway. I guess it depends on how much time you have - probably over 26hrs driving going from Perth to Exmouth and back (obviously much easier if you fly). If you have the time Exmouth and the Nigaloo Reef will have much more to offer than anything you find off Perth! (in my opinion) :)

Lisa Kraft

0 votes

Thanks André! I will keep this in mind. Do you have any suggestions for dive companies or perhaps can you recommend a specific place in Exmouth? I will only have two or three days so I want to hit the right places!


André Fernandes

0 votes

Hi Lisa - it has been a few years since I was there but I think I dived with Exmouth Dive center. I would try and dive Ningaloo Reef and Murion if you have time.

End of December diving

Hi. I'm going to be diving around there in late December. How will the visibility be at this time of year? Are there chances of seeing big things then? Also, which dive sites should I visit?

Has anyone ever been to Cano Island? How does this area compare to the diving in Cano?

Gano Hughes

1 vote

Bajo del Diablo should be high on your list!

Hana Nováková

0 votes

Dec should be good for Vis (50ft maybe) - from what I know, March - May tends to have lower vis due to plankton (but you get more Mantas for the same reason) that said you have the chance to see big things basically all year! You might be able to see humpbacks in Dec but I think it is better chances in the following months (but I was there in Feb and I did not see any anyway!). Enjoy your trip! :)

Alice Swisher

0 votes

I dived Diablo in poor vis and it was still amazing!

Hi all,

A new diver here with a recent Open Water Padi Diver license (Hopefully very soon Advanced Open Water).

Anyway, this will be my first dive outside my country (UAE) and myself and my friends decided to go to Sharm since its the closest and most convenient.

Can you please recommend good hotels to stay at that has Dive support and tours. Or if you can recommend Dive tour guides to use. Also, any other information (Dive sites, locations and so on) would be really appreciated it.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing back from you guys.

P.S. We are going there on the 2nd of December


Gabriel Onus

I would recommend Red Sea Diving College.. great outfit, high quality instructors/safety etc.. and well known. http://www.divereport.com/dive-centres/25/red-sea-diving-college


David Lundberg

There are a large number of good operators in Sharm.. I am guessing you are looking for a PADI outfit - if so I have heard good things about Gabriel's suggestion (but not dived with them myself) - otherwise Camel Dive Club is a very established set-up.

Charles Davis

The scarcity of grouper and snapper are causing the price of those fish to rise in the market. Lion fish are said to have a delicate taste somewhat similar to groper, so many restaurants are adding Lion fish to the menu. Currently the demand is small, but private conservation groups and government agencies are out there educating people about eating the fish. If you are visiting one of the areas that has invasive Lion fish, take a bite out of the problem and order one for dinner.

On the opposition side of the world the Great Barrier Reef is in trouble. The Great Barrier Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  When placed on the Heritage list the Great Barrier Reef 's citation called the reef the most beautiful place on earth both above and below the water. However, the UNESCO will vote in February whether to place the Great Barrier Reef on the endangered list. The UNESCO has 1007 World Heritage sites which include 28 sites that include reefs.  Six of the sites including the Great Barrier Reef belonging to Australia.  Of the 28 sites, only two are considered endangered, the Belize Reef system and East Rennell Solomon Islands.

Rating 9/10

The chamber - bahamas

Grand Bahama14 Oct 2014 - 14 Oct 2014

Bahamian Reef sparks 4-5

Huge parrotfish fish - Bright blue and purple.

Got to hold a spider

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