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Dear friends, we invite you to make your dreams of adventures in Komodo National Park on our new dive bot.

Diving in Komodo - is one of the most spectacular sights on the planet. Diversity of marine life affects - here you can find about 3,000 species of fish (1/4 of all species living on the planet) and 450 species of coral - here are the most vibrant and diverse reefs in the world!

There is everything from underwater currents washed hills, surrounded by swarms of sharks, tuna and other large fish, to colorful reefs inhabited by hundreds and thousands of colorful tropical fish and invertebrates.

Water temperature ranges from +27 C to +30 C.

Visibility up to 25-30 meters in the horizontal plane, but may drop to 7 meters because of the abundance of plankton and small fish.

Underwater flora and fauna is so rich and varied that the world can be counted on the fingers of space that can compete with Komodo. To the north and south of the narrow straits separating the tiny islands, more than impressive depth and plankton rich currents provide abundant food for all, without exception, underwater creatures - from polyps to whales.

Underwater topography as varied as the underwater life: the vertical walls that go down to great depth; caves, grottoes and fissures; canyons and fell; hills and columns.

Our company has all the necessary permits and registration documents, equipment for diving in Komodo National Park.

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