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Toledo offers snorkeling and diving for all skill levels. The Port Honduras Marine Reserve with its mangrove coast, hundreds of protective cayes and extensive lagoons form one of the most important fish nurseries in the Caribbean. The extensive root systems of the mangroves support a rich diversity of marine life including large schools of young fish and a wide variety of colorful marine invertebrates like sponges, shrimps and tunicates. These root systems make for a unique snorkeling experience.

The beautiful Snake Cayes are just northeast of Punta Gorda, about 5 miles off Punta Ycacos, rising from the relatively deep inner lagoon of the Belize coastal zone. The marine life around these isolated islands is unique, for it is influenced by the run off from the many rivers of the region as well as the deep clear waters typical of the Caribbean Sea. Coral reef surround many of the islands, perfect for snorkeling and diving. West Snake Caye also has a wide strip of white sandy beach on the west side of the island, ideal for a picnic between dives or snorkels.

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