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Focus on Quality Dive Sites Gear Cleaning and Management through your stay - just leave your gear on the boat. Dedicated Dive Guides and Naturalists. Long Surface Intervals - usually at Mr. Sancho's Beach Club. We are the only ones to take you to the east side of the island in case of bad weather on the west side. If we're good enough for the President of Mexico we should be good enough for you

Villa Aldora

Exclusive for our dive customers. Prime waterfront property FREE PHONE TO CALL BACK HOME IN EVERY ROOM. Rates starting from as little as $85 per night for waterfront accommodations… and the Aldora Dive boats pick you up right there.

Guaranteed diving... NO MATTER WHAT

Even in Paradise we have weather events that keep us from diving our normally placid and beautiful reefs and like almost any dive location, weather related port closures are common.

We value your Vacation time and budget so we've worked very hard to develop ways to keep you diving

40 Foot Fast Boat Rule

In moderate sea conditions the Port Captain frequently allows larger boats to go to sea.

Aldora has a 40 foot boat named the Felicity. It's big and rated for 16 divers, but it is just as fast as the smaller Aldora Fleet and more comfortable in rough weather.

Windward Diving

We are THE ONLY COMPANY that takes you on the Windward east side of Cozumel

We are the only ones that have boats stationed and running regular trips for those who are interested in the “Other Cozumel”.

Spanish Galleons, forests of elk horn coral, and many other things, make this diving quite different.

Indeed, in November of 2006 the Westside was closed to all boats for 5 straight days. Many vacationers never got to dive at all, and most of those that did had to settle for pretty boring beach dives on the eastside which were hastily set up by their dive shops.

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Get in touch with Aldora Divers

Other contact methods:

US phone: (210) 569.1203 Loca

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Cozumel: Aldora Divers

Cozumel18 Nov 2014 - 30 Nov 2014 with Aldora Divers

Aldora Divers use high pressure steel tanks with larger volume capacity: 120s and 100s, which give customers longer dives and an extra margin of safety, and the opportunity to wear a little less weight. I enjoyed having an average of seventy minutes per dive and depths occasionally visiting down to 130 feet.

They also have steel 80s.

Watch this video:


Diving groups are small and experience levels are matched for each boat so you don't get stuck with divers from the wrong end of the scale. This is extremely advantageous as you're never restricted to dive sites or bottom times inappropriate for you. If you are a new diver you can rest assured that they will take good care of you and take you to sites and depths that keep you safe and in your comfort zone.

One morning the North wind had begun to blow and all the dive operations were forced cancel their dives for the day. Aldora was set up to get us in the water, diving something new and interesting. They keep boats on the other side of the island and have previously explored some of the relatively unknown reefs, and have even found some very old canons that lie intact just off the coast.

Boat diving happens each morning and afternoon with night dives normally scheduled for Wednesday and Saturday unless a group of four or more has special requests.

They'll pick you up at designated spots depending on where you stay. Villa guests are picked up in front of the Villa which is very convenient.

Bottled water is handed out regularly and coats are provided on the boat if you are feeling chilly. With dives that average seventy minutes, two to four times a day, it pays to keep warm when you get back in the boat.

Aldora has several small boats that are comfortable for six divers and guide, and a large boat which can handle larger groups. The twin engine setup on the dive boats is a safety feature that many of the other dive ops' boats do not have.

aqua aldora2 pool

Martim Silva

Always something cool about seeing old canons - such a visceral part of history.

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