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Rating 7/10

Tugboat at Baya Beach

Curacao16 Feb 2011 - 18 Feb 2011

First, I need to clarify that this was actually a snorkel, instead of a dive, though I believe the latter is an option as well. I only did a snorkel due to a connecting flight the next morning and inability to squeeze in a dive before. That being said, I really enjoyed snorkeling around this little tugboat. Easily accessed from nearby Baya Beach, you can swim out and enjoy the marine life around this small, sunken treasure. The marine life and tropical fish were typical and nothing extraordinary (which means, I love sharks and didn't see any!), but I thought I would list this as a potential dive site for someone, a back-up to snorkel for when there is insufficient time to dive, or as a fun family activity, accessible from the nearby beach! Also, check out downtown Williamstad!

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Katie Evett

Cool report! Looks like Catherine needs to get Curacao up quick! :) x

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