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Rating 10/10

Navy Pier

Exmouth3 Jul 2012 - 3 Jul 2012

A dive on Navy Pier is always spectacular. SIngle or double dives depending on the tides are on offer with Whaleshark 'n Dive. I went yesterday with my son and saw large schools of trevally, barracuda, dozens of big cod, lion fish and my favourites...sharks. There is loads of macro stuff on the pylons if you take the time to look. And there is also the chance to see the BFG ( Big Friendly Grouper ). I have named him Cyril and he is enormous. Every dive I do there is fantastic. Rated as one of the 10 best shore dives in the world and I would have to agree. A must do for any diver!!!


Oliver Whiteley

I have always wanted to get down to Navy Pier. Did you manage to get any photos of the Grouper?

diamond head discover scuba diving2

George Taylor

I was there a couple of years ago - totally agree - incredible shore diving.

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