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Rating 9/10

Excellent diving! Wish i was still there...

Kas6 Jul 2012 - 15 Jul 2012 with Bougainville Diving Kas

Kas has some excellent diving, true it does not have tropical coral reefs, but there is still a lot to see & it was nice to have a change. There is a great variety of dive sites and i dived rocky reefs looking for macro life to photograph as well as a few wrecks...my fav being a WWII plane.

To top all this off there are turtles!!! My first day i could only do 1 of 3 dives due to a cold i had got on the plane which was frustrating! So i swam around the boat instead, but i was joined by a turtle for ages which cheered me right up :) I saw many more after this as well.

There are also many giant groupers which make great photos although they have a tendency to chase divers!

Bougainville Diving were amazing, all v friendly & really made me feel welcome, so Thankyou to everyone there!

I saw: Green Turtles
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