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Bull Sharks at Sail Rock!

For the first time ever the beautiful dive site of Sail Rock has received a visit from bull sharks.

Anyone who has dived at Sail Rock knows about it's beauty. The rock has it's own particular Eco-system, almost like a fairytale land.

The site is awash with numerous types of fish, including wrasse, parrotfish, 'blissful' batfish, triggerfish, big groupers and buzzing with 'barracudas'. Sail Rock offers you the unexpected, and sometimes you just get lucky- like when the whale shark comes to town.

The latest visitors to Sail Rock take our breath in a different direction.

In the past few weeks there have been numerous sightings of Bull Sharks. They have been spotted at different depths and locations around the site and both solo and in pairs.

Nobody is sure why they have chosen to come to Sail Rock for the first time ever. Many divers have witnessed the sharks in the past few weeks.

It is a very interesting time to dive the premier dive site of The Gulf of Thailand and a genuine opportunity to see fascinating creatures of the sea.

Bull Shark at Sail Rock Ko Phangan2
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Catherine Jones

Wow! I dived the area 2 years ago and Sail Rock was my fav site, must be even better with Bull Sharks!!!

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Marie Harper

Definitely wow! Ive dived there too, last year, and would have loved to see Bull Sharks.


Mickael Jeunes

Amazing! I have also dived there but was not as lucky!

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