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Rating 10/10

Martini Rock - Voted best dive site in the UAE

Dubai25 Aug 2012 - 25 Aug 2012

Max Depth 18M

Dive Level Discover Scuba/Scuba Diver/JNR Open Water

Dive Time 50 Min

Martini is a large submerged rock covered in Teddy Bear Coral, and teaming with marine life making this the most popular dive site in the UAE.

Turtles, Morays, shoals of Arabian Mackerel, Snapper, Redtooth triggerfish, Damsel Fish and Sergeant Majors make up the marine life here.

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Gordon Smith

A reasonable dive site but on what criteria is it the best in UAE? Most of the wildlife is composed of Sergeant Majors, moray eels and scorpionfish. around the base of the rock you can find an occasional ray, some large pipefish at the deeper end and plenty of goby / shrimp life in the sandy areas. Of the wildlife listed above I have only see a couple of Hawksbill turtles

Gordon Smith

Forgot to mention that this dive site is not in Dubai but on the east coast of UAE near Khorfakkan

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