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Rating 10/10

Car Cemetery

Dubai25 Aug 2012 - 25 Aug 2012 with Divers Down UAE

Max Depth 16m

Dive Level Open Water

Dive Time 50 Min

Visibility: 3-20 meters

Take a load of old cars, trucks, buses and the odd dumper truck some 15 years ago and throw them in the sea!

That is Car Cemetery, and what a great dive even if it can prove a little tricky to navigate for the odd diver or two!

Expect big Rays and Turtles, shoals of Trevally and Barracuda circling the whole site. On the car wrecks themselves, you'll find nudibranchs, moray eels of various types and sizes as well as lionfish and scorpion fish.

blenny bleny P2105312 P3165538

Catherine Owen

how do you get to this location??

Gordon Smith

This site was originally set up in the 1980s most likely for fishing. visibility really exceeds 5 meters and is usually around 2-3m.

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