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Rating 10/10

Awesome, great dives, great people

Koh Lanta9 Feb 2012 - 15 Mar 2012

We (my girlfriend and I) dived with Ocean Divers to the Hin Daeng / Hin Maung dive sites in mid Feb and had an amazing time.. Not only were we treated extremely well but all the staff on board were generally excited to go diving. We had a lovely breakfast getting to know our DM before we boarded the speedboat for the 1.5 hr trip to one of the worlds best dive sites. Our guide fully briefed us on the dives and the marine life we were to see. they also made special mention about our code of conduct should we encounter any big stuff!! The dives were amazing, the sites were so pretty lined with soft corals and just to top it all off.. a Manta!!!! There was a supposed sighting by one of our group of a whale shark, but unfortunately we didn't see it..

Not only did we see big but also some amazing small critters too.. like an ornate ghost pipe fish.. there can't be many dive sites around the world where you see such big stuff and small!!

A great day out which was not only educational, fun, safe and enjoyable but one which will last in our memories forever.. thanks Ocean Divers

I saw: Manta Rays
Picture 593a2

Steven Williams

Very jealous, ive dived there once and not seen mantas!

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