Dive Report on Koh Tao, Thailand

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PADI Ecological Monitoring Programme

Koh Tao18 May 2012 - 21 May 2012 with Sunshine Divers

We took part in the Ecological Monitoring Program', affiliated through PADI with Sunshine Divers.

The Koh Tao EMP course is based on the original Ecological Monitoring Program developed by the "Coastal Preservation and Development Foundation"… the difference being that the Koh Tao course has been written with regards to Reef checks on particular dive sites around Koh Tao as well as particular Marine Life most commonly found here which has the most impact on the overall health of our reef systems.

We learnt about the different types of corals out there including the vast amount within the Hard Coral family, we also learnt the coral code that is used by scientists and the Ecological monitoring Program for data collecting. This programme also enables you to preform 3 surveys (Fish, Invertebrates & Substrate) as well as how to lay the Transect Line for accurate data collection and proper use of a Secci disc for accurate visibilities readings.

This is a great programme to do, its fun, helpful and educational all at the same time.

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