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Sattakut Wreck

Koh Tao3 Aug 2012 - 1 Sep 2012 with Sunshine Divers

After a long history at sea the Sattakut (HTMS Sattakut LCI742) came to its final resting place of the east coast of Koh Tao.

As its a new wreck you can witness how the ocean will slowly claim this Artificial dive site, whilst still being able to see the original features of the ship, with a bottom depth of 30m and a lot of crevices, there are numerous hiding places for some amazing marine life, from Jenkins Whiptail rays to moray eels and whole array of bottom dwelling critters.

With Giant Groupers inhabiting the top decks and Blue Spotted Trout patrolling the peripheral. Even Titan triggerfish have taken refuge on the wreck claiming one of the immense anti air crafty gun's as their home.

With each dive on the wreck you are guaranteed it will be a unique visit each time. From Sea Snakes gliding through the many entry points of the wreck to the odd Giant Barracuda cruising by, there is always a pleasant surprise at this wreck. Sunshine Divers visit this site every week, with the experience and expertise of the Sunshine Dive Team you're guaranteed to have an adrenaline packed dive.

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Marie Harper

Great photo of the gun! So interesting to see how the sea takes over wrecks!

Scuba diving

Clemence Castagne

Love it - nice photos :)

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