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Malta Diving - P29

Malta1 Jan 2013 - 31 Dec 2013 with Subway Scuba

The Armed Forces of Malta Patrol Boat P29 was scuttled at Cirkewwa on Tuesday 14th August 2007. The Boat now lies upright in Cirkewwa at a depth of 35 metres about 150 metres from shore.

Kondor-I Class Patrol Boat - Builders VEB Peenewerft, Wolgast

Displacement: 361 tons full load

Dimensions: 51.98 x 7.12 x 2.3 meters

Propulsion: 2 diesels, 2 shafts, 4,000 bhp, 20 knots

Crew: 20

Armament: 1 quad 14.5 mm

Former East German minesweeper transferred as unarmed patrol craft. Light armament added.

Number Name: P29 Year: 1996?/97 Fleet: MEDITERRANEAN Homeport: Valletta - Malta


The P29 was together with the P31 recently decommissioned by the Armed Forces of Malta. Vessels both served with the Squadron for over 12 years and were responsible for many offshore missions including asserting control over Malta's Continental Shelf, anti-contraband missions and numerous border control operations.

The P29 has become a home to an abundance of Marine Life.... It is easy to penetrate and just a 6 minute swim from Suzie's Pool.

Alicia Mirabilis are every where on the wreck, during the day they are not much to see but on a night dive you will encounter a fantastic sight. These beautiful creatures are all open at night!

Squid, Flying Gurnards, Rays are all on and around the P29

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