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Rating 9/10

Diving the Adelaide with Terrigal Dive

Sydney10 Aug 2013 - 14 Aug 2013

Wow, I have recently dived the HMAS Adelaide with Terrigal Dive Centre. About 90mins North of Sydney. What a buzz of a dive. The warship has been down for just over 2 years and the fish life is fantastic. Big schools of king fish swirling around the mast. Lots of decks to explore, corridors to swim along. One of the best deliberately sunk ships I have dived on. The guys and girls at Terrigal Dive were so good as guides. What can I say about the Dive Centre ? What an awesome spot. Right on the beach at Terrigal. All of the facilities you would expect and tank fills up to full pressure which makes a change. They have a big kit up courtyard with free between dive refreshments and it's just a few yards walk down to the beach and their dive boat. They have a great boat about 35ft long, that rides well and zipped us to the wreck site in about 5minutes. All in all highly recommended

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