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Santa Maria Mobula's (Azores)

Pico24 Aug 2013 - 5 Sep 2013

A good place to see mobula rays ( the smaller version of the manta's) are the Azores (Portugese islands). In summer the diving is good en water temperature around 22-23 °C. There are several islands where you can find schools of Mobula (up to 40 ). If you are lucky you may have encounter with a whale shark , manta or even a whale. Also nice schools of baracuda or trevally. all surroundings are vulcanic and offer great UW vieuws. I visited Santa Maria but Pico and Faial offer the same stuff

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Gabriel Onus

Fab shots - looks like you got close to the whale or do you have a good zoom?! Love the Manta/Barracuda(?) picture!

Janelle Pette

I loved Santa Maria - better than Pico IMO

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Eddy Thys

@Gabriel : we were pretty close , one whale just came to our zodiac en dived underneath it. Yes , It's mobula + barracuda.


Julieta Rodrigues

oh wow - so nice to see a school of Mobula


Mike Bednarz

Nice report Eddy!

V An Sau

Phil Wintercross

Wow we do not see whales at Vietnam.. I dream!

Elli Byrne

Love these photos Eddy.


Tom Molyneux

Great report - very jealous and definitley a holiday destination for the future!

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