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Diving St. Vincent

St. Vincent & the Grenadines7 Jul 2013 - 14 Jul 2013

A year passed and another group, lead by world-renowned photographer Andrew Martinez, set its course to St. Vincent - Critter capital of the Caribbean. If last year only 6 guys tagged along with Andy, this time more the 20 divers, in two separate weeks, joined his expedition.

I can't answer for all, but this time I enjoyed diving even more then during previous occasion. Thanks to a great help of Ray Haberman, who’s probably by now can be called a native of the island, I was able to rediscover unlimited possibilities of new underwater findings. Ray taught me how to look for and showed to me creatures size of the grain of sand. And with Andrew’s detailed instructions on underwater camera technique - proper strobes alignment, favorable composition, speed and aperture, good lightning of the subject, careful approach etc., I had unlimited potentials to photograph incredible world of the fantastic organisms.

Two awesome dive-masters – Cally and DJ, both with over two decades of experience in finding small, hard to detect animals.

Right after breakfast, we headed to the dock where all our dive-gears were preloaded onto boats and shortly, no more than 10-15 minutes, we were at chosen locations. If one of the boats headed, let’s say, to Orca 2, then other went to Cruise Ship. Then, during surface interval, we'd swap sites.

Thus, at the same time no more than 8 divers were at each particular spot.

Average depth of almost all our dives would hardly reached 30-35 feet. Only ones Ray took me to 100 feet at “New Guinea”, to check if spotted Bull-eyed lobster still lived inside of the entangled pile of sunken nets. But otherwise light, aluminum tanks easily yielded an hour, an hour-and-a-half of bottom time.

Overall I go back to St. Vincent again and again. And so far my only wish that air-travel could've been improved dramatically.

Happy diving and safe resurfacing to all.

2013.07.29.Orca 2 St. Vincent.2 2013.07.29.Orca 2 St. Vincent.3 2013.07.29.Orca Point St. Vincent..2 2013.07.30.Cruise Ship night dive St. Vincent.2 2013.07.30.Cruise Ship night dive St. Vincent.3

Debra Johnson

It is great if you can find people with a good eye for spotting the critters! FAB pictures by the way - you have a talent! :)

Janelle Pette

Some of the best small-wildlife pictures I have seen on this site so far - congratulations! What was the issue with air travel - is it just small planes or other problems?

2012.10.17.Taveuni Fiji..76

Timur Kholodenko

Dear Janelle, St. Vincent is a real gem for macro diving. To get there!? I believe that long ago there was a straight flight to the island, but now it is transfers after transfers and NOT necessarily on time. As an example, during the travel of my report, on its way to the island we stopped 4 unscheduled times. I having a ticked was told that my space no more. And even eventually I made on a plane, we had to wait extra 3 or 4 hours. St. Vincent is building a new airport, but due date of completion is unknown.

Janelle Pette

Ah! Sounds like Island-style air travel at it's best! Looks/sounds like it was worth the extra effort though.


Hayden Hindley

Amazing crab pictures Timur! :)

2012.10.17.Taveuni Fiji..76

Timur Kholodenko

Thank you, Hindley, it was great fun to "hunt" and photograph them.


Mike Bednarz

The best form of hunting! Did you have extra lights for your photos - the color balance is great - what sort of camera did you use?

2012.10.17.Taveuni Fiji..76

Timur Kholodenko

Dear Mike, I use Canon 5D mark II and 2 Ikelite DS-161 flashes. It is nice sit up, giving you lots of options. Yet I've seen great pictures taking with smaller and very inexpensive setups. I was on this this trip with Andrew J. Martinez ( http://www.andrewjmartinez.com/ ) and learn a lot from this man.


Mike Bednarz

Ah nice set-up!! I am looking to upgrade (I have been using a cannon G12 for a longtime) and although I have learned a lot using it - it is about time I got something a bit meatier!


Luke Goodrige

The detail on the red-crab's claws and their coloring is ace. Cool pic!

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