Dive Report on Komodo and Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

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The ultimate in luxury live-aboards?

Komodo and Labuan Bajo12 Apr 2014 - 23 May 2014

These days I write books about underwater photography and have the great joy of teaching the skill for a living. But I could not have anticipated what would happen a few weeks ago, when a third party recommended a photography client to me. Initially it was to teach the basics of underwater photography at the client's London home. But it went so well that I was invited to join my client on an fabulous expenses-paid trip to Komodo in Indonesia, sailing on the beautiful live-aboard Silolona, as one of only 5 guests with 17 crew to look after us.

It's difficult to capture the spirit of such a trip in the attached 5 images, because they cannot really explain the essence of travelling, sleeping, dining and diving in formidable style. I reflect now on my outrageously-good fortune, because of the incredible service that characterised the trip. 2 days into the trip, the crew of the Silolona had worked out my predictable routine and had everything ready at exactly the right time, from my kick-start morning coffee to post-dive assistance with my cameras.

Although my fellow travelers were not really experienced enough to take safe advantage of the many high-energy dive sites in Komodo, the gentler diving on the shallow reefs was nevertheless spectacular with a variety of macro life that you can only dream of. My first encounter with a flamboyant cuttlefish is something to remember. And I had the great joy of photographing my client learning to free dive, sometimes right under the ship, which was a spectacular backdrop. What an amazing trip.

I wish everybody who dives similar good fortune at least once in your life! But absent that, go to Komodo anyway; it is, to use an over-worked adjective, just awesome...

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Scarlett Noble

Sounds amazing and beautiful photos!


Mike Bednarz

I want to dive Komodo. Maybe on my next holiday. Great pictures, looks as awesome as it sounds.

Lisa Paiman

I have just returned home from a dive trip to Komodo...3 day dive trips followed by a 3night/4day liveaboard trip all with Wicked Diving...I loved every moment & can hear the magic in your words....overwhelming, yes....magical, yes....great to read your report 8-)

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