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Hammerhead gone

Tobago13 Apr 2014 - 27 Apr 2014

Was there in April, two weeks. Diving and talking to diveinstructors.

Saw nurseshark, dolphins, turtles, eagle ray, seahorse.

As killing sharks is legal in Tobago, sightings become extremely rare.

Hammerhead has not been seen for years (predictably), bull/tigershark seems gone, Manta very rare.

Reef sharks not seen, if lucky you might spot one or two per week when diving extensively.

The coral is in great health and the diving is challenging but rewarding (if not in search for the bigger sharks).


Jaromíra Tomanová

That's so sad that the killing of sharks is still legal and caused such a decline in sightings :(


Katie Evett

I've seen this decline in sharks and general reef life in many other places as well, it's very upsetting!

Brad Wilson

Thank you for telling all of us this. I am taking it off my list of possible dive destinations. Perhaps if we all do they will rethink killing sharks.

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