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Diving Bimini. Hammerheads with “Dolphin Dream” 2014.01.06.

Bimini6 Jan 2014 - 12 Jan 2014

Nightly cruise to West Point from Florida went smoother than expected. Second crossing, despite high seas was also a fairly easy excursion. Next morning we anchored on the west side of the Bimini.

On january 8th PJ and Sunny mixed a “special” cocktail to attract sharks to our boat, so right after the breakfast some of us jumped into water to check buoyancy, equipment and to see if box with chum brought desired results. No one expected such a quick effect, but by the end of the first dive large nurse shark found its way to the offerings.

And on the second dive we spotted the very first hammerhead. 8 feet long animal gracefully surfed the bottom checking turbulent newcomers. I was told that hammerheads are very shy and can be easily scared away by a minute disturbance. Yet regardless of the close and constant presence of at least 6, 7 divers with flashing cameras, magnificent creature did not disappeared. On the contrary, it cruise around for hours, zigzagging among diver, giving us lots of photo and video opportunities.

As I saw my first hammerhead two contradictory emotions overwhelmed me - to keep safe distance and to get as close as possible for a better look. I positioned myself over sea grass, hovering not too far from a large lump of fish, waiting for my moment. Hammerhead swam closer … I took a few shots … it spun away leaving my spot.

During this trip I’ve met Captain Scott …twice. First time as a friendly host, when he welcomed me us on his boat. The second time, when my eyes registered a title of a small book – “Dolphin Tales” by Captain Scott Smith and B.L.Bruigon. I opened it somewhere in the middle and began to read. Then, a few tales later, I flipped it to the beginning and read whole thing again. The book “reintroduced” Captain Scott to me and I saw him in a completely different light. I’ve got to get back to the “Dolphin Dream”, but now to fulfill my own fantasy.

2014.01.08.Hammerheads Beach.Bimini.2 2014.01.09.Hammerhead Beach Bimini.2 2014.01.09.Hammerhead Beach Bimini.3 2014.01.09.Hammerhead Beach Bimini.4 2014.01.09.Hammerhead Beach Bimini.5

Morgan Bennett

Oh my god your Hammerhead Photos are amazing!!!!!! Did they really get that close?

2012.10.17.Taveuni Fiji..76

Timur Kholodenko

Dear Bennett, I did not ... it did ;)


Nick T. Morrison

These pics are awesome! I have seen hammerheads from a distance - they never seemed to want to get too close!

2012.10.17.Taveuni Fiji..76

Timur Kholodenko

You are right, Nick, they don't. It just so happened that this particular "character" swam around us for hour or more. Other shark, however, kept respectful distance and flee in a second at a minute disturbance.


Hayden Hindley

Nice photographs Timur.. love the 4th one in!

2012.10.17.Taveuni Fiji..76

Timur Kholodenko

I agree, it is my favorite too.


Ben Windich

Second that - great shots!

2012.10.17.Taveuni Fiji..76

Timur Kholodenko

Thank you, Ben.

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