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Cozumel Mexico

Cozumel11 Jun 2014 - 25 Jun 2014

Although this island is visible from the mainland, the diving here is very different and much better than Playa del Carmen and thereabouts . It is rightly considered one of the best diving locations in the world. There are dozens of dive sites on the leeward side of the island and apparently over 100 dive operators which means this is also one of the cheapest places to dive in the world (Roatan in Honduras is probably the cheapest place). It is mainly drift diving here along the legendary wall and very good it is too. Clear warm water (28 degrees) of that's your thing - it's certainly mine. However the best dive we did by far was Palanca Caves. This is a collection of huge corals and dramatic swim-throughs down to a depth of >30 metres. Google images and videos are worth a look. We dived with Scuba Gamma, a very friendly French owned operation who have a six man boat so none of the big groups you sometimes see there. They will pick you up and take you to the dock. Recommended. You can fly direct to Cancun from the UK and then a taxi or bus followed by a ferry or to Cozumel via the US. High season is December to May. June was fine though but quiet.

Gifford Pelletier

Good advice. Never been but it is an option for the end of the year.

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Camelia Kemenes

Im planning my next holiday and would like to visit Mexico. I wont have much time so would you recommend Cozumel over Playa del Carmen? Or could i do both in 10 days?


Paul Foster

You can certainly do both in ten days Camelia. The ferries between the two run regularly (every hour I think) and it is a journey time of less than an hour. For ocean diving, Cozumel is by far the better option, but if you are interested in doing some cenotes diving then you should do that from Playa (or Tulum). Cozumel is quiet whereas Playa has a big restaurant and bar scene, so it's a choice depending on what you want out of your holiday.

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