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Malta alone

Malta21 Apr 2015 - 29 Apr 2015

After diving the Red Sea in January I was hooked. My next destination Malta,the trip was a learning experience for me as it was my first solo trip and had no idea what to expect.

Unfortunately Malta resembles a building site at the moment with all of the roadworks and developments underway but that wasn't why I was there.

After settling in on my first day, day 2 the diving began. I met up with some friends who were already there and doing their last day of diving and headed to St.Elmos Fort/harbour for the first two dives.

It was good to get back in the water, but typically me, I forgot my rock boots and had to dive in my brand new trainers. It was that or no dive. I can't remember the name of the wreck now, but we dived it twice and it was a great experience ideal for the first day after a couple of months break.

The water was still a little cold, so I bought s hood and gloves for the remainder of the week.

The remainder of the week much of my diving was at Cirkewwa with a guide from Scubatech, diving the P29, the Rozzi and the various reef dives. Nice to spot the Madonna.

Dive day 3 we headed for Gozo and the Blue Hole. Two dives again and both were majestic, the Blue Hole was a beautiful dive and the cliffs, drop offs are amazing. The inland sea was another fabulous dive and a very basic introduction to narrow gulley diving. My confidence was building.

Dive day 4 was back to Cirkewwa due to weather, but it was different again, beautiful swim throughs and a revisit of the P29.

All in all my trip to Malta was a great experience, I would have preferred going a little later in the year with warmer water, but I gather it gets swarmed with divers in the summer and what I love most about diving is the solitude.

Where next? I have yet to decide.


Mike Bednarz

I went diving in Malta several years ago - shame it is going through so much development! That said - you can't go wrong with the Blue Hole.

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