Dive Report on Baa Atoll & Raa Atoll, Maldives

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Diving with Manta Rays

Baa Atoll & Raa Atoll3 Nov 2015 - 7 Nov 2015

Me and my friends wanted to dive in the Maldives but it is very expensive. After few months of research we ended finding a hotel called Aveyla (Aveyla.com) in a local island DHARAVANDHOO. It was simply stunning. The price was perfect for a full board + 2 dives per day.

Anyway, we stayed for 4 days and each was more beautiful than the other. The dives were fantastic with clear warm water and a huge amount of marine life.

The highlight of the trip was snorkelling with Manta rays in Hanifaru Bay (Dive is not allowed there as it is a UNESCO protected area). Reading online, many reports indicated 100 Manta rays at one go feeding there. For us, it was towards end of the season so our trip had 30-40 Mantas feeding. Keep in mind one thing, you can miss the Mantas. For us we waited every day with no luck. Finally on the 4th day early morning we got word that they are feeding and we had to rush to there, so be prepared to get a last minute call.

Anyway, these gentle creature were a joy to swim with. I don't think I have loved a wild creature as much as the Mantas. They are gentle and friendly and very playful so its really sad to hear of them being hunted and so on.

Anyway. if you want a cheap but memorable experience diving and swimming in the Maldives check with Aveyla. The owner (Sidey) is also the dive master and he's one of the best dive masters you will get.

Over all AMAZING experience and I would defiantly go back for the Mantas again and again and again and again.


Martim Silva

'ONLY' 40 mantas!! :) that is so lucky!

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