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Bjarnagja - Iceland's Smallest site

Silfra19 Sep 2015 - 19 Sep 2015

Bjarnagja is a small crack near to the Blue Lagoon, close to the town of Grindavik.

It was used for breeding fish back in the day and locals have cleaned bones here, throwing the bones in and waiting until the shrimp clean everything off them. There are some whale bones in there still.

At one end of the crack there is a small very dark cave and at the other you can see the whale bones. There are a few fish and crabs.

The best feature of this dive site is that at about 10m there is a halocline (a clear separation fresh and salt water).

This dive is a deep water giant stride entry at the side of the building and exit over the shallows at the top of the crack and walk back around.

As soon as you jump in the silt on the walls will start falling down, however careful you are your bubbles will make alot of silt fall. This may sounds awful and to be honest its not for everyone but when you have been in there for about 15-20 min its looks like its raining and it is a bizarre and can be a cool experience.

Max depth is approx 21m. As this site is quite fragile and small, it is ideal for small groups or buddy teams.

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Camelia Kemenes

I have enjoyed your recent batch of reports.. just really amazing looking diving. Thank you for posting!


Ann Challenor

awww thanks :)

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