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Gardur - Ocean Dive near Reykjavik

Silfra5 Sep 2015 - 6 Sep 2015

Gardur is an a dive from the pier on the northern tip of the Reykjanes peninsula approximately 1 and a half hour from Reykjavik.

As an ocean dive in Iceland the conditions vary, the best time to dive is at high tide or just before.

Max depth is 15m and viz varies from 0-8 meters.

The life in this dive is really good you can see a lot of flat fish, scorpion fish, monkfish, butterfish. If you are lucky you will find a wolfish, they are really hard to spot here and they move fast. There are also lumpsuckers, crabs, haddocks and schools of mackerel.

In Gardur there are sandy patches, soft coral and kelp forest and a small wall formed from magma that is nice to follow and find the monkfish.

Because of the rich fish life at Gardur there tend to be fishermen on the peer trying to catch you.

Normally entry at this dive site is to jump in at the blue crane, giant stride and can be a bit intimidating (this dive can also be done as shore entry dive but adds to the swim distance), follow the pier out, when you pass the end of the pier its about 15 m further until you hit a wall in 15 meters depth ( at high tide) if you cant see the pier you will defiantly feel the current when you pass it. You can exit on the beach as a standard shore exit its sandy and there are nice sheltered kelp areas for a safety stop on the way.

Its ideal and normal to do two dives there, one to the right of that spot and the other to the left. On the left you will see more monk fish and the soft coral.

The main hazard here is the current, when tides goes out it will be intimidating for newer divers or divers not experience in currents, but also beware the fishermen and the lines underwater. It has also been known for locals to train horses to swim here, so also keep a look out for a giant sea horses!

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