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Davidsgja - Dive in Lake Thingvellarvatn

Silfra15 Aug 2015 - 16 Aug 2015

Davidsgja is a tectonic crack in Lake Thingvellir (Thingvallarvatn) which is located in the National Park Thingvellir. This dive is a shore entry and exit over rocks and boulders from a small car park. There are a series of lines around the site for navigation. To find the start of the lines swim approx 45 degrees into the lake from the entry point. The line to the left will take you to a main crack dropping to around 16 m . This site has 18 m -22 m but averages 8-12 m . There are many cracks and narrow caves here, it can get very dark and very cold but it very beautiful. The lake temperature ranges from 8-12 Degrees C however the cracks in Davidsgja stream with fresh glacial water from Langjokull (Glacier) so the temperature varies from 2 -4 C at points where the clear fresh water streams in and visibility also varies dramatically. This site is very interesting changes greatly depending on temperature, season, wind, visibility. As this site is in the National Park you will need to pay the park fees and have permission to dive here.

(Not the best photos sorry)

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