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Strýtan - The start of life on Earth - Geothermal Chimney

Silfra29 Aug 2015 - 30 Aug 2015

In the north of Iceland about 40 mins from Akureyri is the town of Hjalteyri, start point to reach Strytan.

This area is home to the worlds only divable geothermal chimneys. Big Strytan is approx 60m to the base and 22m to the top. Fresh hot water streams from the chimney into the fjord around. The man that found the sites (Erlendur Bogason) runs all diving in the area and is a living legend, he knows everything there is to know about it and is still finding out more.

Beautiful site, a favorite among Icelandic divers (some would say the best in Iceland). The life around the chimney is quite surreal at times. Macro life is awesome here. Plentiful fish, jelly fish, selps, rays, whales and bird life abound. It truly has it all. There is also the potential to see a Sea Angel! ( A free swimming Gastropod, that looks like a tiny angel)

Visibility varies seasonally spring risks green plankton and algae blooms which can reduce visibility to nothing however this is a brief period. Summer and Fall bring feeding whales into the Fjord. Winter, the main issue is physically getting to the north and to the Dive center.

Strytan is a Boat dive, mid fjord but has buoys and lines to aid ascent and decent, be aware there can be surface currents.

Strytan dive center is fully equipped with changing rooms (no showers), library, kitchen, museum but best of all an outdoor hot pot, overlooking the fjord, ideal for relaxing and whale watching to end the day.

Look out for the new Dr Brain Cox show on the BBC, the beginnings of life on Earth, they just spent time summer 2015 filming here and it should be incredible.

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