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Silfra - 120m Vis between Tectonic plates

Silfra11 Jul 2015 - 25 Jul 2015 with DIVE.IS

Its called Iceland! Don't expect it to be warm. It is sometimes but it has a lot of weather, sometimes happening all together & sometimes in quick succession with no warning.

Its good to know Silfra is in a National Park, a protected area where they try to limit human impact. There isn't much in the park & no shelter at Silfra site (just a new toilet building with two toilets & hot water!) Remember you are here to experience wild beautiful nature.

The water is glacial 2-4 C daily (34-37F). In a dry suit with thick wetsuit gloves & hood the ave person will stay warm & comfortable for a 30-45 min dive. Winter air temperature can be -1 to -20 (max & rare but it happens).

Its best to be over prepared in Iceland, this is no exception. Waterproofs, spare wool& thermals, socks, towel- be comfortable warm & dry before & after the dive.

Entry is from the car park on foot, across a road & a flight of stairs down to the water (approx 200m) It is technically a one way drift dive. Max depth 18 m by Park regulation. Silfra is approx 24m deep & has an extensive cave system - the depth was recorded as 63m. Due to the tectonic nature of the site the Caves & swimthroughs are out of bounds by Park & National Law.

The exit is via a platform in the lagoon & 500m walk in full gear back to the Car park. The path is gravel but fairly even & well marked however carrying all your gear esp in the winter with the snow & ice is not for everyone.

Visibility is 120m, standard all year round. Its only really affected by heavy continuous rain, overflow from the surrounding rivers & by the algae dying & increased particles in the Fall. Rain itself doesn't alter the dive much. Some prefer winter & overcast weather as it can increase the surface reflections & reduce shadow. Others prefer the colours of the Algae & the rainbows the sun brings in late spring/summer.

Its about being between the plates and the epic vis. It can be awesome, incredible, breath taking & is totally worth it.


Mike Bednarz

Photos! Just wow!!!


Ann Challenor

Its easy with conditions like SIlfra , I can take very little credit I'm afraid

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