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Liberty Wreck

Protaras1 Jul 2016 - 31 Jul 2016

LIBERTY WRECK Protaras Cyprus

This is the first wreck to be purposely sunk on 23rd May 2009 for the creation of an artificial reef in Cyprus. The initiative was taken by the Paralimni municipality in cooperation with the local dive centers and local divers. It soon become a new attraction for diving tourism in Cyprus, and the Cyprus Dive Center association followed a strategy of acquiring more vessels for other areas of Cyprus. The wreck is located in the Protaras area opposite Pernera beach, with easy access by boat. The area will also be controlled for boat traffic and fishing is strictly prohibited, making this an environmental marine fish reserve. It also attracts has an abundance of marine life (10 – 30 meters). Due to the depth 27 meters an Advanced Open Water and above is required. The wreck is frequently used by I Dive as a platform for instruction of diving wreck courses , as the wreck has been cleaned according to European and international standards for diver safety. The wreck is located 80 meters away from the Nemesis III wreck so divers have the benefit to enjoy both wreck on a single or double dive.

I Dive Protaras

Liberty Wreck

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