Dive Report on Marsa Ghalib, Egypt

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Rating 9/10

Didn't expect anything, thus was surprised

Marsa Ghalib10 Aug 2017 - 20 Aug 2017

We dived 3 days with local dive center Aquarius.

Pros: Lots of turtles everywhere, nice coral, met many shrimps and curious unicornfishes on the night dive. We were lucky to spot dugong and dolphins.

Cons: Problems with organization, necessity to ride zodiacs(due to them I have problems with knees now)

In addition to that we spent 1 week on a liveaboard and must admit that 80% of nice videos I shot were during those 3 days of diving with Aquarius (Karim is the best guide ever!)

See also a link to my video (almost all of it was shot in Port Ghalib except for the sharks and barracudas that were in remote areas where we headed during liveaboard trip)



Vandra Allison

Loved the YT video Alla :)

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