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Komodo report

Komodo and Labuan Bajo1 Oct 2017 - 8 Oct 2017

Just coming back from a liveaboard in Komodo.

Overall it's been awesome. Great diving, lots of fish, beautiful corals very well conserved, lots of fish, good for macro (nudibranchs) and larger fish as well (lots of turtles, black tip/white tip, 1 manta).

The visibility was pretty good all over, around 15m. Very few trash in the ocean, a couple of plastic peices that was picked by DMs.

Regarding the season:

The High Season for Mantas is November to March (don't follow the chart). It is also the wet season though.

The dry season runs from March to November. We had a few patches of rain though on October.

Dolphins are there but very shy. It is very unlikely you will bump into one.

As there are more and more dive operators and boats (about 100 apparently) it's getting more more busy and noisy and the dolphins will just avoid the crowd...

in terms of dive sites:

My favorites were The Cauldron and Castle Rock. This is were you will use a reef hook to have the chance to enjoy the show.

Try to dive there when it's either full or new moon so you will experience the strongest current.

Follow the instructions of the guide, stay close to the reef, at the same level and it will be fine. The operator (Komodo dive center) provided us hooks but it's a good idea to have your own. You will definitely use it!

Most of the dives were drift dives.

Finally as there is a large choices of dive center, choose wisely. Personally I prefer a small amount of divers (we were 9) than a more luxury boat which can carry 20 people. Komodo dive center always tried to beat the crowd by being the first group down at dawn.

Enjoy your stay

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Catherine Jones

Nick, thank you so much for your feedback & updates for the animal calendar - contributions like this from users (and dive centers) are really super helpful toward making DiveReport useful for other divers! Thank you :)

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