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ok was not in andros but this was only location for bahamas

Andros15 Nov 2011 - 13 Apr 2012

even though i was over in the bahams for work i spent every free moment i had in and under the water from the more crowded waters of nassau to the more laid back and peaceful waters in freeport and abaco it is hard to say which of my dive locations were my favorite was mermaid's reef on abaco there was an over abundance of life on mermaids reef it was a shore dive since the small reef is very shallow not much more than 30 ft during high tide and less than 200 yards off the beach but the welcoming committee was outstanding everytime from the schooling needle fish through the sea turtles and occasional cuda every little nook and cranny of the reef was filled with life wish i could post more pictures if you are ever in the area i highly recommend visiting this site

PICT0001 2 PICT0004 PICT0006 3 PICT0011 2 PICT0013

Nathan Murphy

I am hoping to get to the Bahamas later this year - guessing Mermaids Reef is suitable for beginners/inexperienced divers? (Btw the turtle picture is brilliant!)


Tim Bury

Nice report Josh - Bahamas look amazing!

Jennifer Titus

I am heartbroken. visiting south Andros in one week. there are no dive operators open and running in September. I've been told "you can dive the next time you visit Andros". apparently many business' close down in September. I have called 6 different dive resorts in south and middle Andros. every last one of them is closed for September.

Jennifer Titus

i found an operator to take me to the reef for a half day of snorkeling for 300.00. going to try kayaking and snorkeling to get a dive like fix. you would think the largest Bahamian island would have dive services year round. apparently not.

Erika Huddle

Oh that sounds gutting :( - you really would think you could get someone to take you diving!!! Dive Report need to update this calender to prevent this from happening.. I will drop Catherine a mail to highlight it.

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