Dive Report on Sapodilla Cayes, Belize

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Rating 9/10

Dream Diving

Sapodilla Cayes28 May 2012 - 8 Jun 2012 with ReefCI

Reef CI provide unbeatable value for money, especially if you opt for one of their PADI courses, thrown in for free. In addition you get all of this:

1) Four nights on a tiny private tropical island with good company and fabulous food

2) Training in fish and coral identification and surveying from knowledgeable staff

3) The opportunity to spear lion fish, fillet them and eat them for tea - delicious!

4) The opportunity to dive in a marine reserve unmolested by other boats and divers - we never shared a dive site

5) The opportunity to swim with whale sharks and experience the phenomenal 'String of Pearls' around the full moon

Hats off to Polly for setting this up and thanks to her, Roland and the rest of the team for sharing it with the rest of us. My advice - just do it!

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