I want to do my dive master, but I wanted to know if any of you can recommed a good place or even better a good place for internship.

I am an advanced diver, so I still need the rescue and EFR before doing the divemaster.

I hope that any of you have some good recommendation.



2 years ago

Hi, I want to dive in Indonesia next year. I want to see the Hammershark. When is the best time in the year for seeing the most? where is the best island, live on board to do it? thanks

I am the sister of Mike Manthei, Mike passed away May23,2017. I am asking for any pictures, stories,videos, anybody would have to share with our family.We know that Mike loved his Diving Brothers and Family at Johans at Subic Bay. Tis would help us in healing. Also if anyone would reach me or any family I would greatly appreciate this. My email is pepper@sytekcom.com and my address is 7930 State Hwy 238 Bowlus,Minnesota USA I will gladly pay for any news articles, pictures and video of Mike and his diving brother, his dives ,etc. Thank you ever so much, Lisa Knettel

Hey,guys. I found an old air control panel, can someone help me and tell me what exactly it is and how i can get it tested to see if it works

Has anyone dived the Atlantic in Namibia. Going there in summer and was thinking about going for a dive...any advice?




Hi you all .

I'm looking fore some buddy's to dive with .

I like to look fore big creatures all aver . I would like to be in a comunity to date dives and to share the trips with .



Joss Leonard

What part of the world are you in Constantin?


Constantin Constantinescu

Hi , im from Italy , Rome


can someone guide us for the best place to dive in thailand around Krabi or so. at this time of the year _ March last week.

looking for good marine life while diving specifically.


Haryanto Soemito

hey yo, i recommend Krabi, Koh Lanta for manta ray and some small macro stuff. if not go phi phi island for whale shark or leopard shark.

Haryanto Soemito

i'm heading to Phi phi island on 25th Feb 2016. the one i book quite cheap. diving and lodging for 4d3n is SGD 450. = )

Arvind Sarda

wow thats a good deal :). lemme know how it goes and what all do you manage to see

Happy New year! Dive more! and be Happy!


Gifford Pelletier

:) :) :)


I will be going to Sri Lanka to swim with Blue whales in March

and wondered if anyone had any recommendations for dive sites in Sri Lanka

swim with Blue whales



4 years ago

Good Morning everybody,

We are a group of students of University and in this moment we are working to develop a new product for the snorkeling's world. We need your help!

We would ask you only to answer to this (very short) survey made with google forms: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1VUjJaVbqVELDwNMUnBkkAcKtaaSxmO_QRA99N1SBNo4/viewform?c=0&w=1

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