we would like to welcom you in our diving center di vers world hurghada

,.and show you the beutiful of the redsea




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Hi From Dubai

2 years ago

Somehow found this site by accident and will update UAE information as some of it appears to be rather dated.

Anyone looking for information in diving in UAE is welcome to contact me.

I have no affiliations to any dive centre as I use several dive ops to access sites mainly on the east coast of UAE around Fujairah, Dibba, Al Aqah and Khorfakkan.

we would like to welcome you in our new diving center Circle Divers sharm El Sheikh, and to show you the Magnificent of the Red Sea.

Circle Divers

shark feed

Hi Guys, First check out my Wildlife Man YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/thewildlifeman Now, are there any divers out there that would like to join my film crew making a Wildlife Man film in PNG ? If so email me and I can send details.

Jana Kup



David Lundberg

Sounds intriguing! What would it involve? Will check out your you tube page now.

I am going to Mexico in July this summer, to Tulum. I plan to swim with Whale Sharks and Manta's around Holbox Islands, if the Manta's show up!! I also want to swim with the sea turtles around Akumal Bay, but I was wondering what other impressive marine life I can expect to see at this time of year?


Carla Gomez

You will see lots. Mexico is amazing diving! You should go to the other side and dive the Socorro Islands, ive been there and so much life!


Tom Molyneux

Thank you all. I've booked to swim with whale sharks now so hopefully I will get to swim with mantas at the same time, as i'm going mid July! Would be great to see some nurse sharks too and tick them off my fish bucket list!


Jaromíra Tomanová

Sounds great. I will cross my fingers for Nurse Sharks for you. You will have to let us know how it goes!


I completed my open water this year because my partner wanted to do it, I have since done 4 dives in Dominican republic which were great. I really enjoy diving but have a fear of sharks. I'm going to masa alam in Egypt next year on a diving holiday and just need to know what I should do if I see a shark or one approaches, I'm not worried about the reef sharks but the bigger ones. From research I may see oceanic white tips hammer heads or a tiger.



Mickael Jeunes

I saw a Tiger Shark in Grand Bahama.. such amazing animals! Good luck :)


Steven Williams

Don't move too much :)

diving goggles 1208672 m

Camelia Kemenes

Stay calm and stay down. It was such a rush first time I saw an Oceanic!

bahamas 054

San Salvador

6 years ago

what is the best time of year to dive with hammerhead sharks in San Salvador.

Has anybody been there to dive? Any info will be great



Nathan Murphy

December to February is the the best time to see Hammerheads when however they can be seen all year round.. Dec > Feb(ish) is also the best time of year to see Humpbacks & Sperm whales..

Hello and welcome to the new dive community forum - use it to discuss all things diving related around the world.


Nathan Murphy

Great to see it go live!


Hayden Hindley

Willkommen! ;)

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