Pelagics in April?


What are the chances to see whales, rays, sharks towards the end of April? If low, can you recommend another area in the region accessible from Mexico City (travelling with three young children).


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Are they any dive centers that take out people who have never scuba dived before? My wife and I will be visiting Cancun for a week and would love to try to scuba dive for the first time. We both have snorkeled in the Bahamas and in Hawaii and love the water. She is a stronger swimmer than I.

Any suggestions who we can contact to brake in two virgins?

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Dolphins + Mantas + Whales

Socorro Island1 Jan 2018 - 8 Jan 2019 with Solmar V Liveaboard

I have been to Revillagigedos 3 times and in my opinion March is the best time to go. During my two trips in March I swam with whales 4 times and saw them multiple times passing close to the boat. The giant manta rays are extremely friendly, on a few occasions I had to duck my head so that the manta did not make contact with me. My last trip in Jan we saw dolphins on almost every dive including a huge pod of 20+ members at Roca Partida. In terms of sharks I saw silkies, Galapagos, silver tip, white tip, and hammer heads... still waiting for my tiger shark encounter. Apparently there is an 18 foot tiger shark that occasionally makes an appearance.

For me Revillagigedos (Socorro) is “the” location for actual encounters with animals not just passing glimpses.

Is the Hammerheads common in la paz?

I'm going to La paz in jan-feb. I wants to dive with the hammerheads. Is it a good spot for it, I mean is there a good chance or are they actually rare there?

Eric Mittelmann

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I am not certain of the season but I went there a year ago with Dive Cabo (from Cabo San Lucas) and did indeed see a few hammerheads.


Andreas Siersbæk

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Good to hear!

Dayboat Privat charter

Has anyone chartered a (private/fisher) boat for a full daytrip to go snorkeling with the whale sharks and sea lions in LaPaz Mexico and can recommend operators?

Thanks, Chris

Basking Shark Diving

The Dive Report site shows basking sharks are present in September in Catalina Island. However, none of the dive shops mention them, and I could not find anything else online about operators or tours to see basking sharks. Can anyone provide a tour or dive operator for basking shark encounters, or recommend dive sites where they might be spotted? Thanks!

Angela Trainor

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I spend three weeks trying to find a place to dive off the coast of California with blue whales, and it was pretty difficult. Catalina was the only place where it was legal to dive with blue whales, but none of the dive centers even took boats out into the ocean. I was very disappointed and discouraged by this. I honestly found more dive centers in Phoenix, Arizona that were willing to plan a trip to Catalina for this kind of expedition. The only center that plans dive trips with the blue whales in the united states charges $10,000 a person which i cannot afford frankly. Does anybody else know places safe to swim with the bluies that are also friendly to female tourists?

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