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Giant Mantas Baja California!!

Cabo San Lucas28 Aug 2020 - 29 Aug 2020

Our giant mantas are back this year! The visibility is awesome and the water temperature amazing.

After 16 years of absence of our giant manta population, they returned 2 years ago. Now we are reporting them daily at the cleaning station on La Reina. Just another reason to dive Baja California.

I cant manage to attach any photos ! but my profile pic gives you an idea

Rating 10/10

Cabo Pulmo Marine Park Baja California

Cabo San Lucas19 Aug 2020 - 21 Aug 2020

Incredible diving with the curious bull sharks of Cabo Pulmo and the tornadoes of big eye jacks.

The most successful marine park in the world is truly a hidden gem of Baja California.

West Palm Diving Conditions Oct/Nov

Can anyone share what water temps, visitiblity, and surf conditions are like on average in West Palm Beach in October/Nov. Of course all bets are off if mother nature stirs things up. I'm thinking of planning a trip here, and have been diving here over the summer months but not in the fall. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Dive Center

You guys should include Aqua Connections in your Saipan dive center list... I have been a long time customer and in my opinion they are the best in the island.

Rating 10/10

Whale Shark Snorkeling in Cancun

Isla Mujeres1 Jun 2018 - 1 Jun 2019

I swim with whale sharks every year and I always use the same company Ocean Tours Mexico:


It really is one of the best spots in the world to swim with hundreds of whale sharks in clear blue water, not to mention the manta rays and whatever else decides to turn up.

Renee Stewart

was planning to go to Cozumel,,, opinion on whale sharks snorkeling at the end of may?? or first 2 weeks of June?? or last week of June??

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