Is the Hammerheads common in la paz?

I'm going to La paz in jan-feb. I wants to dive with the hammerheads. Is it a good spot for it, I mean is there a good chance or are they actually rare there?

Eric Mittelmann

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I am not certain of the season but I went there a year ago with Dive Cabo (from Cabo San Lucas) and did indeed see a few hammerheads.


Andreas Siersbæk

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Good to hear!

Dayboat Privat charter

Has anyone chartered a (private/fisher) boat for a full daytrip to go snorkeling with the whale sharks and sea lions in LaPaz Mexico and can recommend operators?

Thanks, Chris

Basking Shark Diving

The Dive Report site shows basking sharks are present in September in Catalina Island. However, none of the dive shops mention them, and I could not find anything else online about operators or tours to see basking sharks. Can anyone provide a tour or dive operator for basking shark encounters, or recommend dive sites where they might be spotted? Thanks!

Angela Trainor

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I spend three weeks trying to find a place to dive off the coast of California with blue whales, and it was pretty difficult. Catalina was the only place where it was legal to dive with blue whales, but none of the dive centers even took boats out into the ocean. I was very disappointed and discouraged by this. I honestly found more dive centers in Phoenix, Arizona that were willing to plan a trip to Catalina for this kind of expedition. The only center that plans dive trips with the blue whales in the united states charges $10,000 a person which i cannot afford frankly. Does anybody else know places safe to swim with the bluies that are also friendly to female tourists?

when is manta ray season in the Sea of Cortez?

When is manta ray season in the Sea of Cortez?

Where to dive in October

I'll be in the Cancun area in mid-October. I haven't decided where to stay yet, and will do so based on the best diving locations. The location needs to be within an hour and a half of Cancun. I'm hoping to mostly do shore dives (keep diving as cheap as possible), but can afford to do a few boat dives as well. Our main goal is to see wildlife, but we'd also like to do a cenote or two.

Experience level: I'm an experienced diver, but I'll be bringing my husband who is getting certified right now.

Any suggestions?

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Nick F

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the absolute MUST in the region are the cenotes dives. The visibility is infinite, just google it. We dived there from Playa del Carmen. I strongly recommend it as it's one of the only spot in the world to provide that kind of diving.

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Alla Zakharenko

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+1 to Nick's comment, but you need to be aware that water temperature in the cenotes is much lower than in the sea. I was so frozen after the first dive that I had to skip the second despite it was already paid for. So, boots and hoodie are a must there

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Alla Zakharenko

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Unfortunately it is not the best season in October - whale sharks season lasts up to mid September while it is bot yet bull shark season. You can try heading to Playa del Carmen or Cozumel and dive there, Playa will be more affordable.

Whale Shark Season?

From the Wildlife Calendar it looks like whale sharks are around during the months of March, April and May - Planning a trip at the end of April and would like to know if there will be whale sharks then.



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