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Diving Perth

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Perth, Australia


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Country: Australia  Area: Western Australia

Water Temp: 19 - 24°C (66 - 75°F)

Visibility: 5 - 25m (16 - 82 ft)

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Australia’s sunniest Capital City. Perth is a divers dream with a variety of dive sites located in pristine waters filled with colourful coral, historic wrecks and a diverse selection of marine life. 

Perth is located on the peaceful Swan River just inland from the Indian Ocean and perfectly placed for access to stunning dive sites full of life.

Fremantle is Perth’s vibrant port at the mouth of the Swan River and it is worth taking time out from diving to explore its historic & cultural streets and local markets. Easily reached from Perth city centre in just 20mins it is the departure point for ferries and dive trips to the nearby brilliant diving area of Rottnest Island. 


The climate around Perth is similar to a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers from December to March then cool, wet winters with the most rainfall between May and September. Even though this time is the wettest, most days still have a brilliant blue sky and lots of sunshine. The water temperature varies between 19C at the end of winter and can get as high as 24C towards the end of the summer.

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A car free island, Rottnest Island is Perth’s premier diving destination, with over 300 species of fish, historical wrecks and pristine diving sites whatever the weather and the rich marine environment is due to Rottnest Island being the most Southern point at which coral grows along the Western Coast. The limestone rock island has been eroded by the currents creating many interesting caverns, crevasses and swimthrough’s for divers to explore and shelter for much of the islands underwater life. It’s easily reached from Perth on day trips, most leave from Perth’s port of Fremantle in the morning and include 2 dives in the day with a lunch during the surface interval.  Just remember to take a torch to help you explore the dark recesses of the caves and crevasses for all types of macro life.

Other than the coral and limestone structures full of life, there are also many spectacular wrecks in the area with the ones at Rottnest Island being part of a very unusual underwater heritage trail. Along its coast it tells the tales of the 14 shipwrecks on information plaques that can be found on the sea bed.

Another area in Perth’s coastline to dive is the Marmion Marine Park. This area has completely different diving than Rottnest Island and has a temperate climate. The seas are seasonal with a constantly changing marine life throughout the seasons and water visibility which can change by the day depending on weather conditions. The best viz in general is during the summer period, averaging 20m. Although this area can be dived year round the weather greatly affects the conditions so the best season is November to May. The temperate climate attracts an abundance of marine life from the tiny nudibranches to the giant Southern right and Humpback whales which cruise past on their migrating back to the Antarctic.

Dive Centers in Perth

Diving Frontiers


Diving Frontiers was established in 1993 and is one of the leading Scuba Diving Stores in Perth. Originally developed to promote Scuba diving education at an affordable cost while maintaining high training standards with an emphasis on the fun of diving. Founded by Glenn Bailey who has been an active diver since the late seventies. He wanted to share his passion for diving with others. Today, Diving Frontiers still offers some of the most affordable Scuba diver courses from beginners courses through to Dive master and Scuba Diving Instructor Training as well as Technical Diving. We have a vast selection of competitive priced dive equipment, servicing and hire.

Glenn Bailey - Owner/ Manager- Commenced diving over 35 years ago. PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer,Emergency Response Instructor, Specialty Instructor Qualifications in, Enriched Air, Wreck penetration, Deep Diving , Enriched Air Nitrox Blender, TDI Qualifications in Advanced Nitrox, Decompression procedures, Full Cave, Trimix and advanced Trimix, Trimix Blenders Certification. CDAA qualifications in Cavern, Sinkhole and Cave.

Equipment Technician Qualifications in Aquanaut, Sea Quest, Aqualung, Mares, Dacor, Apollo, Oceanic, Genesis and Boss.

Some of his memorable dives include a 1.3 kilometer penetration of Cockle biddy Cave on the Nullarbor Plains, 65 meter trimix dives, and deep penetration Cave Dives in Mount Gambier South Australia, Deep Dives in Truk Lagoon, Guam and President Coolidge, Vanuatu.

Glenn is an active diver and made over 6000 dives, his passions are Wreck Diving, Deep Diving and Cave diving. His joy is to show others the wonder and adventure of the underwater world and share his passion for diving. He is unpretentious and always willing to share his knowledge and experience of Diving and Diving Products.

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How to get there

It is the capital city of Western Australia, easily reached from the rest of Australia and Asia by air. It can also be reached by train, but it has to be remembered that it is a long, long way away from any of the other large cities in Australia and these journeys can take days!

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Other activites

Perth is a wonderful laid back city set in one of the most beautiful regions of Australia, full of activities and history which is worth spending time exploring and not just visiting as a departure and arrival point for flights into Western Australia. Whether diving, relaxing on the uncrowded sandy beaches, shopping in the local markets, a walking trip into the Perth Hills to take in the beauty of the rolling hills or amazing view of the city, Perth is a brilliant holiday destination which caters for everyone.

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Rottnest Island

Perth1 Jun 2012 - 1 Jun 2012

Winter diving at Rottnest - A picture paints a thousand words but a video rocks my boat!

also whish shows almost a complete range fo critters that you might encounter at Rottnest Island over winter!

If you like these please feel free to share and post a comment.

Thank you

tumbler profile

Catherine Jones

Excellent videos! (check out the homepage to view them from Dive Report)


Mickael Jeunes

Nigel i really liked your videos, ive never visited Oz and always just think of Cairns and the barrier reef for diving, but these have made me realise there is a lot more to see! Thankyou

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