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Kas, Turkey

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Country: Turkey  Area: Antalya

Water Temp: 17 - 28°C (63 - 82°F)

Visibility: 15 - 30m (49 - 98 ft)

Depth Range: 10 - 25m (33 - 82 ft)

Lobsters & Rock lobsters get in to shallower waters & are seen more often - Early Apr to Late May

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An unspoilt small tourist town, set in a stunning location at the foot of mountains facing the Mediterranean, Kaş is one of the best destinations for scuba diving in Turkey.

Kaş is located on the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey and is one of the most Southernmost points of Turkey. It has been an earthquake area for thousands of years so underwater formations and underwater canyons, walls and caves are great to observe.

There are many rocky beaches, unfortunately no sand, but the rocky shelves are perfect for sun bathing.

Sea life is not like in tropical seas, it is less lively, but ancient and modern wrecks are fabulous.  Crystal clear water makes the visibility superb, for example the best visibility in the Andaman Sea is nearly the same as the worst visibility day in Kaş. 

The area around Kas belongs to the Top 100 diving destinations worldwide. This is because this area has an high amount of underwater life, such as octopus, rare snails, Dorades, stingray, sea turtles, soldierfishes, morays, trumpetfish and large groupers. This is combined with very clear water (up to 40 meters visibility) and beautiful underwater landscapes. There are a huge amount of possibilities such as wreck diving, cave diving, underwater canyons, stone reefs, swim throughs, tunnels as well as underwater art exhibitions.


The Kaş area has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. With over 300+ days of sunshine a year it means that most of the year it is perfect diving weather.

July and August are the hottest months with air temperatures up to 40C so lots of land based activities aren’t recommended and its best to stick to diving or water based activities. Mid winter is the rainy season with high winds and lot of heavy rain. Storms can last a day or so and can be fierce as Kaş is right on the sea. During this low season lots of tourist businesses and diving can shut down due to the weather and choppy sea.

The official tourist season runs from April to the end of October, so although you may be still able to dive, a lot of the tourist businesses will not be open.

The water temperature varies form it lowest of 17C in the winter months of January to March, to its highest of 28C in height of summer in the month of August.

Content, Dive & Marine Life information and Photos kindly supplied by Bougainville Diving Kas.

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Day Trips

There are about 30 different dive spots and all dive sites are a maximum of a 40 min wooden boat ride away, which gives the chance to go back to the mainland for better food options. There isn’t any speed boats used in Kaş since it’s not necessary.

For beginners we have many dive sides which are easy dives starting from 2 meters of shallow water with no currents at all. One such site is “Neptun Riff” which is available for all levels. It’s an easy to dive reef with a depth range of 12-30m. Here you can spot many ancient cans and amphora’s which can be up to 2000 years old! There is also a small dive able canyon, nudibranches, triggerfish, groupers and sometimes an odd turtle.

Another site but this time just for experienced divers is “The Canyon” which is a great underwater canyon from 3-23m. There are several swimthroughs and a 60yr old iron shipwreck. Combined with all this is an excellent selection of marine life and you can regularly spot turtles, groupers, barracuda, jacks and nudibranches.

The site voted the best Dive site in Turkey by divers and some scuba magazines is “Flying Fish”. One of the main reasons is an airplane wreck form the Second World War laying in 50+ metres depth of water. The dive to the depths to reach the plane can only be made by very experienced deep divers and tech divers. Even so without reaching the aeroplane there is lots of marine life to see such as Barracuda, Rare Snails, Stingrays, Octopus, Muray Eels, Brasses, Jackfishes, Trigger-Fishes, and many huge Groupers.

Dive Centers in Kas

Apollo Diving Center

Engin Akyurek OrfozIMG5IMG13IMG16

The Apollo Diving dive boat "DADGA" is built for divers.

Our boat is certified and adheres to all safety standards of the Coast Guard.

DADGA is equipped with features such as VHF radio, Oxygen kits, First Aid kits, and life vests. It features a large dive-deck with dive-platform, space for tanks and diving gear, two WC, wide sundeck, fresh water to rinse the equipment and a spacious sitting area.

Your equipment can be safely stored on the boat during the whole week. Divers of Apollo Diving benefit from the size of our boat .

As you can see, compared to some smaller operations, Apollo Diving benefits by having a greater potential to travel on less crowded boat.

Land-based facilities

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How to get there

It is best to fly to Antalya or to Dalaman airport; they accept flights from all over Europe. Kaş is about halfway between the two and is a far way away. Transfers can be arranged from both airports and takes about 2.5 hours. Kaş is not the easiest place to reach in Turkey. Bodrum or Fethiye are easier options... but that helps keep the tourists to a minimum and to preserve Kaş’s underwater environment and marine life.

There are also overnight buses from Istanbul to Kaş. These are relatively inexpensive, modern and very comfortable.

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Where to eat & drink

Dinner and drinks in a restaurant costs an average 25-30 YTL per person (a salad-one main course-drink) or above 50 YTL if you eat in a fish restaurant. There are lunch menus in limited restaurants which are 10-15 YTL. Eating out in Kaş is similar to cafe/restaurant prices in big cities. There are plenty of choices in Kaş so you can choose the one convenient for yourself. Menus are always displayed outside.

Bahçe Balık, Bi Lokma, Bahçe, Sultan Garden, Köşk are good options for dinner, for a quick and cheaper choice there is many others and the best way is to discover it yourself with a little walk around town.

Favourite bars in the town are Red Point, Mavi Bar and Echo and there are many others. There are no clubs in Kaş yet.

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Other activities

There are many other adventure activities to participate in besides diving in Kaş. These are canyoning, paragliding, sea kayaking, mountain biking and trekking.

Canyoning is an exciting activity where you can jump into huge pools of water, abseil down waterfalls, swimming through narrow passages and climbing over boulders. The best season for this due to water levels and temperatures is Mid June to the end of September.

The hills just behind Kaş offer an ideal location for Paragliding. This can be done as a Tandem flight and is a thrilling way to view the beautiful town of Kaş and the surrounding landscape.

Another excellent activity for water lovers is Sea Kayaking and is a great way to explore the area. Day trips are available to the famous Kekova region to kayak over the sunken city.

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Rating 9/10

Excellent diving! Wish i was still there...

Kas6 Jul 2012 - 15 Jul 2012 with Bougainville Diving Kas

Kas has some excellent diving, true it does not have tropical coral reefs, but there is still a lot to see & it was nice to have a change. There is a great variety of dive sites and i dived rocky reefs looking for macro life to photograph as well as a few fav being a WWII plane.

To top all this off there are turtles!!! My first day i could only do 1 of 3 dives due to a cold i had got on the plane which was frustrating! So i swam around the boat instead, but i was joined by a turtle for ages which cheered me right up :) I saw many more after this as well.

There are also many giant groupers which make great photos although they have a tendency to chase divers!

Bougainville Diving were amazing, all v friendly & really made me feel welcome, so Thankyou to everyone there!

I saw: Green Turtles
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