Creating Conservation Resolutions

Megan Jungwi
12 May 2014

Creating Conservation Resolutions

Many people create fitness and health goals, some will be focusing on time management, and others on new skills. However, wouldn’t it be great if people also created resolutions to create a better environment? Here are a few ideas for creating conservation goals to create a better planet.

A Few Conservation Resolution Ideas

There are a huge number of things a person could take on to promote ocean conservation and create a better planet. For inspiration, try choosing an issue and checking out the driving forces behind it. For example – a great deal of ocean pollution is caused by misplaced plastic, and plastic could be reduced by minimizing packaging or recycling. Here are a few other ideas for conservation resolutions:

• Always recycle
• Start using a reusable water bottle (and stop using plastic water bottles)
• Bring reusable bags to the grocery store
• Don’t eat unsustainable fish
• Participate in at least one beach clean-up
• Volunteer to educate children about conservation
• Replace all the light at home with energy efficient bulbs
• Write at least three letters to the government on a conservation issue this year
• Host at least one conservation night with friends to watch Blue Planet, eat sustainable snacks, and educate each other on conservation issues

Tips for Choosing a Good Conservation Resolution

There are of course many more things a person could do. Choosing the right resolutions are, or course, always dependent on the person making them and the life they lead. Some resolutions require building a new habit (such as always bringing cloth bags to the store) while others require doing one or two things over the course of the year. The key to creating a good resolution is to have a realistic goal. It is unlikely that you will “Stop climate change” this year, however there are many things you can do to minimize your energy use. Maybe you can’t do everything on the list above because you have a life with other obligations – choosing one thing on the list is better than nothing. It can also help to have a buddy to discuss your resolution with and keep track of progress. So be sure to choose a manageable, realistic resolution, and share it with your friends!

Remember the Reward

Resolutions should be realistic, but they aren’t always easy. On the days where you just don’t want to sort out your recycling – remember the end goal. The ocean is incredibly unhealthy, and it’s largely humanity’s fault. However, individuals can do a lot to help ocean conservation by cultivating healthy day-to-day habits, educating their friends, and pushing their government representatives into action. Remember the reward and imagine how beautiful the ocean could be again, in the future.

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