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May water temperatures?

Planning snorkel/dive camping trip to Ningaloo 1st half of may. Should I expect water temps down to 19 deg in May? (websites report a diverse range) Is a 3/2 full wet suit overkill for snorkeling? My home waters are in Hawaii and I'm a cold water wimp.

Thanks! tamar


André Fernandes

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I think it should be more like 22-24 degrees C - bringing wetsuit might be overkill but depends on how you feel the cold! If snorkeling is one of the main reasons for your travel (or have lots some space in your bags) I would bring it just in case.. better to be safe and enjoy your snorkeling than limit the time you can spend in the water!

Erika Huddle

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I'm a cold water wimp too! I snorkel in a fourth element thermal skin which is meant to be the equivalent of 2mm. But up to you and what will make you comfortable. If it's sunny it will help as well as if snorkelling you will be on the surface and can soak up the suns warmth...although watch out for sunburn!!!!!! :)

Jonas Frueh

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I agree i would take a wetsuit as its better to be prepared and enjoy the snorkeling then feel cold and not enjoy it wishing you had bought your wetsuit

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