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Gozo Malta - Oct 3-11

Trying to find out what the approx water temp is for early October (3-11) And viz? Is this a good time to travel to Gozo?

Air temp at this time of year? do people wear dry suit here?

Apartment info: looking for a place to stay for just my husband & myself. Must be non smoking with kitchen A/C - any recommendations?


Nick T. Morrison

3 votes

Yeah Blue Hole is a must dive! Suit wise its borderline, depends how cold you get. A 5mm may be a little chilly, but 7mm wetsuit should be fine, although i personally would be wearing a dry suit or semi dry at the temp to be more comfortable

Abigail Booth

Abigail Booth

1 vote

Water temp should be around 20 deg C, Air temp wise it should still be pretty warm at that time of year still. Personally I wouldn't use a dry suit there at that time of year.


Liam Parker

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Blue Hole in Gozo is a classic dive site and a must do while you are in the area! You should get accommodation recommendations through the dive center you book with.

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