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Dive operator specialising in Manta trips

I am looking for a dive company in the Maldives which specialises in Manta trips (visiting cleaning stations), either from shore or via liveaboard.


Katie Evett

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I don't personally know any company's but a liveaboard would definitely be your best option as they have the flexibility to move around and go where the mantas are, you are more limited to dive sites from shore.

Traci Quick

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I can recommend the Carpe Vita liveaboard. I was on a trip with them in April and we did a night Manta Ray dive, followed by cleaning station dives the next day. They have an experienced crew, great accommodations and their itinerary gives you a bit of everything else as well.

Poseidon Of the sea

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Scubaspa has launched a new 50m vessel the yang which will be travelling to Baa and Raa atols from December 2014. Luxurious diving at affordable prices

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