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End of December diving

Hi. I'm going to be diving around there in late December. How will the visibility be at this time of year? Are there chances of seeing big things then? Also, which dive sites should I visit?

Has anyone ever been to Cano Island? How does this area compare to the diving in Cano?

Gano Hughes

2 votes

Bajo del Diablo should be high on your list!

Hana Nováková

1 vote

Dec should be good for Vis (50ft maybe) - from what I know, March - May tends to have lower vis due to plankton (but you get more Mantas for the same reason) that said you have the chance to see big things basically all year! You might be able to see humpbacks in Dec but I think it is better chances in the following months (but I was there in Feb and I did not see any anyway!). Enjoy your trip! :)

Alice Swisher

0 votes

I dived Diablo in poor vis and it was still amazing!

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