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manta rays in july

HI there, we are coming aas part of our honeymoon and are wondering where the best place to stay is to see the mantra rays at this time of the year? we are staying from the 25th july - 1st Aug



David E. Vinson

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Cyclone feeding happens at Hanifaru Bay.. a few Km from Baa/Raa atoll.. the best time to see them depends on the seasonal weather systems but you are there at a good time and it happens throughout several months.

Karen Watts

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Thanks David! we will keep our fingers crossed, but know even if we don't see them we will have a wonderful time from looking at the pictures! Do you recommend any particular places to stay which offer good diving or manta trips?

Clare Malden

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I worked in Tofo, Mozambique February till September diving nearly every day. I can only think of a handful of dives where I didn't see more than 1 manta. Plus, you can't seem to get away from the humpback whales. The water's cold but you don't notice it when there's so much to look at. Dive with Tofo Scuba.


Sharief Faraidooni

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Manta ray season in Hanifaru Bay usually starts from Jun till Nov end with it peaking in August. If you want a good clean new place to stay in and cheap try Aveyla ( Amazing packages and excellent service. Though they have no pool or spa or those sort of things. Another two options are Kihaad hotel and Dusit both 5 stars. Keep in mind as well to be prepared for manta sighting as you will be called last minute to rush to boat and head to them

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