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I'm not a diver but...

Hi, I'm a fiction writer looking for some info about Saba. What do you do with your boats and ferries during a hurricane? I'm reading there is no dock or pier to tie them down at, except for the dive pier in Fort Bay.

Any information, or to point me in the right direction, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Sincerely, Heloise West


Vandra Allison

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You will probably find that they tie them on bouys out at sea - that way assuming the line stays attached the boat should be ok.

Benoit Meyer

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You can find a safe place on ST MARTEEN, storage on land....or tie your boat on bouys....but this can be risky in case of violent Wind....I was on St Barth while Lenny passed by, in 1999....most of the lines broke ! We do not want ay hurricane anyway !

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