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Where to dive in October

I'll be in the Cancun area in mid-October. I haven't decided where to stay yet, and will do so based on the best diving locations. The location needs to be within an hour and a half of Cancun. I'm hoping to mostly do shore dives (keep diving as cheap as possible), but can afford to do a few boat dives as well. Our main goal is to see wildlife, but we'd also like to do a cenote or two.

Experience level: I'm an experienced diver, but I'll be bringing my husband who is getting certified right now.

Any suggestions?

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Alla Zakharenko

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Unfortunately it is not the best season in October - whale sharks season lasts up to mid September while it is bot yet bull shark season. You can try heading to Playa del Carmen or Cozumel and dive there, Playa will be more affordable.

Victoria Felt

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Thanks. Hopefully I’ll get to go another tine as well.

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