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wet suit for this area in mid december?

any recommendations?

5mm or 7mm?

I prefer no wet suit but I'm accustomed to Caribbean waters, I know Pacific will be a different story!

Rating 10/10

Perfect diving experience with Reeflex

Bali1 Feb 2021 - 3 Feb 2021

Went for a couple of dives in Nusa Penida (small island south of Bali) with Reeflex Divers and ended up staying for more. The dive center is super comfy, the staff is so friendly, the gear is spotless, guides are super pro / knowledgeable and finally the diving is great !!! I have been diving for a little while and Reeflex stood out so much that I felt like letting others know ;)

Rating 10/10

Dive Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres1 Dec 2020 - 31 Dec 2020

5 STAR PADI Dive Center Aqua Adventures Eco Divers offers daily dive tours year round. The surrounding aquatic environment provides amazing variety of dive sites from warm shallow reefs to challenging and adventurous. Our easy access dive shop location makes it convenient for you to find us whether you are staying in Cancun or locally on the island.

Our dive tours are provided 2- 3 times when there is a night dive sometimes 4, and they are all guided by our select PADI certified Dive Masters. Our dive schedules are set up to accommodate beginners to advanced..







Our service not only provides dive tours to the best local dive sites and reefs, but arrange day trip dive tours to some of the Yucatan's famous Cenotes. Cenote Dive Tours include transportation from, and to, the ferry in Cancun, 2 dives in Cenotes, morning snack, lunch, and equipment.. Open Water certification is needed to do Cenote dive tour. We also offer all levels of diving certifications thru Assistant Instructor all taught by our certified instructors. Also any Specialty certifications!! For more information on learning to dive, or other PADI Dive Courses, call or email.

We take you to the Best dive sites surrounding the Isla such as:

Wrecks C55 & C58, Punta Sur (Awesome Drift/Very Fast and FUN!)

Manchones I, Manchones II, Cruz De la Bahia, Atlantis, La Bandera, Punta Sur, Media Luna, El Yunque, Hondureno, Canoneros, Punta Negra, El Tunel, Chitales, No Name, Gran Pin, Cueva De Los Tiburones (Sleeping Shark Cave), Chairel, Piedra Atravezada, Ultra Freeze, and more.

diving cabo early November

I'm an advanced diver and I'll be in Cabo next week (first time) - any recommends on dives? Or ones to avoid?

Rating 10/10

Giant Mantas Baja California!!

Cabo San Lucas28 Aug 2020 - 29 Aug 2020

Our giant mantas are back this year! The visibility is awesome and the water temperature amazing.

After 16 years of absence of our giant manta population, they returned 2 years ago. Now we are reporting them daily at the cleaning station on La Reina. Just another reason to dive Baja California.

I cant manage to attach any photos ! but my profile pic gives you an idea

Rating 10/10

Cabo Pulmo Marine Park Baja California

Cabo San Lucas19 Aug 2020 - 21 Aug 2020

Incredible diving with the curious bull sharks of Cabo Pulmo and the tornadoes of big eye jacks.

The most successful marine park in the world is truly a hidden gem of Baja California.

About off-season


The information is not correct at all. You can dive in september without any problem. We did it 2 years ago, with good conditions, and we dive with tiger sharks, raggies, oceanic blacktips and whitetips. In addition, dolphins and whales on the surface :)

Hello everybody,

I am very new to this community and I am hoping that I can connect.

I will travel in Borneo (Malaysia) in October and I am already starting to organise my diving.

I have contacted a number of places and they all replied to me with offers including accommodations and pretty high prices. I am aware that it will be an expensive experience but I do not wanna book something in advance and arrive there at the last moment regretting my choice(s). I am forced to book in advance as I need to arrange permits and so forth. Of course my top priority is Sipadan.

I was wondering if you guys are kind enough to share your experience(s) and advises with me, it would be great if you let me know who did you dive with, if you recommend them and so forth..

thank you in advance


e UbJvLjpCY

Alla Zakharenko

Hi Giovanni :) I dove with Scuba Junkie guys and stayed on Mabul Island, it was a very good experience, we were lucky enough to even spot a whale shark. Sure Sipadan was a lifetime experience. Here is my video from that trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeAPubpGiGo I don't recommend staying in Semporna even though it is much cheaper as this town is very dirty and SJ hotel there leaves much to be desired, while the one on Mabul was great.

Giovanni Alemanno

hi, thank you so much for the info, because of the virus I had to postpone but I will keep your info for the future :)

Tebinn Guil


diving east coast in march

Hi there, vising Barbados staying on east coast from 7-15th March this year. I have around 80 dives to my name and been very lucky to have dived all over world. I like the big stuff and it seems my only chance of seeing sharks is on east coast but is it possible/worth diving there in March? If not, which dive sites would you recommend elsehwere for rays and turtles at this time of year. I am not overly fussed about wreck diving but could be persuaded. In addiont, my partner - who is not a fan of diving would love to see turtles while snorkelling - is this possible? Thanks community!

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