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Catherine Jones, owner of Dive Report

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If you would like to contact us about anything - be it ideas, feedback or to complain about something, please feel free to email us directly at enquiries@divereport.com and we get back to you as soon as possible.


We are creating an easier way for you to navigate the World's SCUBA diving destinations

The Dive Report guide currently covers over 285 dive destinations in 85 countries. We expect that to get strong global coverage we will need to write-up 500-600 locations so we still have a lot to do!

Our aims..

We hope to;

  • Inspire and help you discover new amazing places to dive
  • Expose the 'whole world' of diving to our users - the big diving hubs are great - but there is great diving elsewhere too!
  • Help great divers connect directly with great dive centers - reducing the need for middlemen and making the dive industry healthier
How you can help!

If you are a diver: Use DiveReport to find a dive center for your next vacation! Get in touch with them through the contact form or mention us with you enquire. We would also appreciate your feedback on any aspect of our website! You can also write Dive Reports about your experiences which help other divers plan their trip.

If you are a local expert; you can help us by contributing information about a location - ideally you have in-depth knowledge to a level where you can provide reliable information for the Animal Calendar.

If you are a Dive Center; Upgrade your Advert. Your Advertising spend is Guaranteed and therefore low (or no) risk! To keep our quality high this is our only source of income and therefore essential to our existence.

We started the project in 2011 so we are not a fly-by-night internet gimmick - we have made a real commitment to make a difference in this space.

Our team

Catherine Jones

Catherine works on content management and is our community curator. She is a passionate Dive Master and has dived all over the world. Currently she is also working hands-on with Turtle conservation!

Clem Murphy

Clem is our Asia Guide Editor and works hands-on with Dive Centers throughout the world to ensure accuracy of the Dive Guide. He is currently on an epic 8 month tour of S.E.Asia!

Mae Vilarma

Mae works tirelessly on the diving guide's content curation and destination research. She has recently had a baby boy and has been working with us for over two years.

Jamie Wilson

Jamie is our lead developer (and keen diver) and works tirelessly to ensure the site works properly, keep our 'spam count' to zero and drive the improvements that are required to ensure Dive Report can work toward being an awesome tool for divers and dive centers alike.

Nathan Murphy

An adviser and shareholder in the company who often gets involved in the hands-on work too.

Dive Report is a member of the Dive Industry Association 
Dive Report Ltd is a UK registered company established in 2011.

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