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Hundreds of Dive Centers use Dive Report to increase thier online enquiries!

Here's why it makes sense..

1. Guaranteed value-for-money

We are confident that your exposure to 10,000+ of monthly Dive Report users will deliver good value for money - however if for some reason you do not get good value for money from your advert - we will keep your advert running until it does! 

In our Dive Center survey this was the most requested feature when it came to buying adverts so we made it our priority to make it happen.

See the full details about our Advertiser Guarantee here.

See the full details here > 

2. Free to get started and free set-up service

You can create a page for free - however Upgraded Adverts tend to get the majority of enquiries due to prominence and positioning. 

Not only is it free to get started - but we will create a page for you using the information from your website to save you time - leaving just the finishing touches for you to do.

3. Full Ad-Statistic tracking

We track everything so you can see what is going on for Dive Center page - but also to back-up our Advertiser Guarantee. 

We track the following statistics; Enquiry forms sent, Clicks to your Email, Website, Page Views and Advert Clicks.

4. Dive Report users actually like the Dive Center Adverts

Users do not tend to like Advertising on websites - however on Dive Report you listed at your Location making the information actually useful for Dive Report users who are researching locations. The adverts are not too pushy either!

On top of that, aside from our own competitions, there is NO OTHER ADVERTISING on Dive Report. Of course - we could make a quick buck by slapping banner adverts all over the site - but that would be short sighted and detrimental to the user experience.

99.39% of Dive Report users thought that the Dive Center adverts were useful and preferred them to be there.

5. Over 75% of Dive Center members said that they had either already used Dive Report to find a Dive Center or that they would in the future

Our users quickly notice that Dive Report is a useful website for researching Diving holidays and the natural progression is to use the Dive Center listings to find a company to dive with. 


6. Competitive Pricing

As we are still fairly new the easiest way to ensure that we can deliver good value-for-money is to offer a very reasonable price and, at an approximate average cost of $300/year (about $25/month) most Dive Centers should easily see a healthy return over the period of a year.

If you look at some comparative spends you can see that Dive Report represents good value for money;

Media type




Circulation over duration

Targeting of people interested to go to your location

Dive Report

Upgraded Advert


1 Year

(Est 2014 Unique Visitors)

High: Most people who see your Advert are researching your Region or Location specifically. 
20% of Dive Report users have already used the site to find a Dive Center, almost 60% said they would in the future.

A popular Dive Magazine

Quarter Page Advert


1 Month


Low: Only a small % of people will be thinking of going to your location

Popular Dive Media Site

Home page Banner Ad


3 Months

Unknown, est 120,000

Low: Only a small % of people will be looking to go to your location. 
Banner Adverts tend to provide extremely low click-through rates (Around 0.12%) - which is fine for building brand awareness but not really useful if you are a smaller company looking to get direct conversions.

Popular Dive Media Site

Advert in Email Newsletter


1 Email


Low: Again, only a small % of people will be looking to go to your location. 
Also - typically only 15% - 25% of Newsletter emails are opened.

7. Zero Bot Spam

We check every single enquiry that goes through the website and have invested significantly to ensure that no robot/automatic spam gets through to our Dive Centers. Our systems block over 2000 spam attempts every day and we currently have a 100% success record in ensuring real enquiries get through!

8. Diver Centers only - no middle men

We understand that the more people book direct with Dive Centers the more profitable they will be and the healthier our industry will be.

We want to help Divers connect directly with great Dive Centers - like yours! We do not sell, or re-sell your services and enquiries go straight to you - without any interference from Dive Report staff. 

We do not allow agencies (or other middle-men) to advertise on Dive Report.

How to get started!

It is pretty easy to get set-up on Dive Report and we will even set your page up free of charge.

Create a Dive Center page

Pages are basically a profile for your Dive Center which gives a break-down of what you offer and what courses are available.

When you make your page go-live you are automatically included on the location page under the 'Dive Center' tab and visible through site search.

A page enables you to;

  • Show the main information about your Dive Center
  • Provide Direct-Contact details including email, website and telephone numbers
  • Provide a way for people to get in touch direct through a contact form
  • Post your main Courses and prices; meaning that people can enquire directly about specific courses and dates
  • Upload some fantastic photos of your dive sites or facilities


Upgrade your Advert

A premium advert prioritises your Dive Center in search results and also on the location page view. There are only 5 fixed premium advert positions on each location.

Upgraded Adverts provide the following benefits;

  • Larger better looking Advert with more information
  • Top of results on Location Page
  • The Advert is always visible on a Location Page
  • 'Verified' button shows that you are bonafide
  • Prioritised in Search results for Dive Center Country, Region or Location searches


Free Advert:

Upgraded Advert:

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