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You can see Great White Sharks at the following places:

  • Brooding-cushion-star.jpg Cape Town, South Africa

    Coming face to face with the Ocean’s most feared creature, The Great White Shark, is a thrilling, once in a lifetime experience and Cape Town in South Africa is one of the few places on the Planet able to provide this...

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  • 3343254977cbc0229dccz Guadalupe, Mexico

    Famed for its close encounters with the most feared fish in the entire Ocean, The Great White Shark! Guadalupe is the ultimate destination for cage diving with these huge predators. Guadalupe is a small volcanic island 240 miles off the west coast of...

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  • North Carolina Crystal Coast, USA

    The three coastal communities in Carteret County, North Carolina form the Crystal Coast.  Beaufort is the seat of the county and was one of the first coastal towns in North Carolina. In addition to being a great American wreck diving location, the...

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